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"Yeah, I'd like that."

Fuck yeah. Just as planned. Not that there was actually any planning involved.

Hayley tugged off her shirt with the enthusiasm of a child, the consequences of the last time she'd taken off her shirt buried deep in a currently inaccessible portion of her brain. Her skirt was next and it took her a decent minute to wiggle out of it given her current complete lack of coordination. By the time she was out of the damned thing, in fact, Ema was already halfway to the water, her skin glowing under the moon.

Yeah, cause that's not distracting at all.

Right, so now she was standing here in her underwear, which was definitely new, standing mostly naked on the beach, not anything she'd ever done before at all. The sense of deja vu was enough to overcome even Hayley's drunken fugue, though only to the extent that she reminded herself that now she was in different underwear. No ruffles on her ass today, thank-you-very-much. In fact, the white and blue pinstripe design of the two matching parts, and the cut of the garments themselves, made them look more like pieces of a bathing suit than anything else, which was fitting given how she'd soon be in the water, and less fitting because she'd be taking them off first.

She only thought about it for a second. Sure her parents would be watching this and sure half of America was watching this (and there's no way they're not showing us right now) and sure Ema had left her underwear on but fuck it. Fuck all of that. Fuck it in every direction. I'm gonna be too dead soon enough to notice anyone's judgement, yeah? Of course, there was also that whole alcohol thing messing with her ability to think things through, and also Hayley's general bias to wearing as little clothing as humanly possible. You know, the usual.

Oh well. She snapped her bra open with one hand and let it fall to the ground; her panties were again trickier and required a lot of strategic hopping up and down on one foot. Miraculously she managed to do so without falling over, and after gathering her clothing in a less-than-perfect heap she headed off after Ema, bouncier than usual in more than one sense. She stumbled a few times on the way there but was too grateful she hadn't fallen in a heap to really be too upset, and besides that she couldn't be upset because really, could things have ended up better for her if she'd tried?

A small voice pointed out that leaving both their weapons (not to mention all their food and their clothes) up on the beach, alone, was probably stupid. An even smaller voice pointed out that she'd totally deserve it if someone came out of nowhere and busted a cap in her skull.

Both voices went unnoticed under all the alcoholic joy, and she felt only that upon taking her first steps into the water. The cold raced up her legs, mixing with the warmth pulsing within her in a pleasant way, and she noted that Ema had stopped now with the water up to her knees. Wishing she was capable of being silent (she decidedly was not, even at the best of times) she considered sneaking up on the other girl for a moment before the girl in question turned around.

"Er. Boo?"

Hayley became very aware that she and Ema were exactly identical in pallor and height and very different in other aspects, such as cup size and capacity for shame. Ema was standing with her arms crossed over her practically non-existent bust and here came Hayley bounding over not at all embarrassed and with considerably more to potentially be embarrassed by, with the chill from the water and from the night air having a noticeable effect on her. Even she would've probably blushed or something if she was just a little less drunk, but nope, she was pretty damn drunk and these were yet more fucks not given.

"So? Come on, then. There's more water out there. I mean...uh, duh, it's the ocean. You know what I meant, yeah?" She motioned outward vaguely in a way that could've meant anything, and after a moment she realized she was making no fucking sense and just took Ema's hand, pulling them into slightly deeper water- even drunken Hayley was aware that wading out too deep would result in a rather unpleasant death, and that would put a major damper on her whole evening. It was about waist-deep in the water that she stopped and, letting go of Ema's hand for a moment, gleefully ducked into an oncoming wave.

She came out the other side spluttering with water in her nose.

Right. THAT'S why I hate the beach.
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