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Can you hear me?
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Pain. Blood. Pain. Blood.

Remy fumbled on the ground, searching for the knife. Oh god, where was it? Where was it? Some a-hole had shot at him, and he didn't know what to do. Oh fuck. He needed it. He needed it to defend himself. And they were probably going for him again.

Ah. There it was. His hand trembling, both from fear, anger, and blood loss, he picked up the switchblade with his undamaged right arm, and looked up. The douchebag with the chair had ran forward towards one of the other people, a girl. That was... that was who had shot at him, right? And suddenly...


The chair connected to the girl's head, knocking her to the ground. Remy slowly lifted himself off the ground as he watched the scene. She was being smacked over the head repeatedly. And, despite all the pain and blood coming from his arm, he ran forward.

She shot at him. She tried to kill him. She shot him. She wanted to kill him.

And before he knew it, it happened.

Within the next minute, he had stuck his knife inside her arm. Remy, with a bit of difficulty, removed the knife. That bitch made a horrible screaming noise. Damn it, she was loud! And she was only going to attract more psychos, more people that would attack him. It was completely inhuman, completely animalistic... and that face she was making... oh god...

Of course, to Remy, thanks to the amount of anger, his paranoid delusions, the pain and bloodloss, and of course fear he had, it sounded and looked... wrong. But to anyone else, they would realize she was crying for help and was in serious amounts of pain.

He moved to bring the knife down, but-

Someone was saying his name.

Who was it? No, couldn't be that sister of his, couldn't be the girl he was stabbing, couldn't be chair douche... who... who was it...

Reika? It was her, wasn't it? No, wasn't Reika. Not Reiko or that sister of his, either.

Remy looked towards the girl, squinting to get a better look.

"Sa... rah?"

Sarah Tan. Sarah, who he had met that day in tenth grade, and watched as she got ill over the frogs. Sarah, who was always there. Sarah, who was his friend. Sarah Tan. She was here.

She was here. She had seen everything.

She had seen how he had been shot at, and how that girl was responsible for it. She had seen him stab that girl. She saw it all.

"Sarah... that girl... she attacked me... I'm bleeding... and I don't want to... so I fought back... already fought once..."

In some corner of his mind, he was aware that he was still crying, from the pain. Of course it would be from the pain. His left shoulder felt numb after being shot, and he was sure he wasn't able to move it much right now.

But what if Sarah was like everyone else? Fucking crazy, fucking batshit, only thinking of killing everyone else? To be honest, the last person he wanted to be crazy was Sarah. But she was here. He had no clue what she was up to. She was here. She could be anything by this point. Everyone else had gone batshit...

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