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Ivan's cheek brushed up against her own. There was an unexpected fuzz that rubbed against her skin. The coarse hairs scratched her first as he moved up her face. But as he rubbed himself against her cheek, it became much more gentle. Softer. His breath brushed inbetween her frayed hair, gently tickling her neck.

"Every Day."

Tabi closed her eyes. Her arms dug deeper into Ivan's back, pushing him into her body. The answer was painful, constricting, and yet, it was as if the tension in her body had syphoned out into the cool summer air. A relief that washed over her body like the river she bathed in days ago. Back when Ivan had killed Keith...In fact, he had cried back then, didn't he? It was only days ago, and yet, so much had passed.

They were the same. It was something that they could share. Whether either wanted to or not was uninportant.

Ivan's hand caressed Tabi's back, waking her from her temporary stasis. Her eyes reopened to view the vast ocean that was behind her. Her face had lifted upwards. It felt foreign to her. Back in the day, it was much easier. She could laugh about someone quoting the latest Will Ferrell movie. Some stupid quote but it was funny anyways.

It felt good to smile.

"It's funny...How the world becomes a far less scary place when you're not alone."

She hummed in approval. It felt good to be with someone. Felt good to have...

To have kissed someone...

Her jaw slackened and a hand went back to her lips. Ivan had kissed her. Twice. Tabi had returned it once before, but her mind began to fill up with new thoughts.

The boy who had protected her throughout their journey had kissed her.

She had never had a boyfriend before. Never a serious one. Kissing had never really happened in her life. But when Ivan had done it she felt warm.

But there was doubt in her mind.


Pulling away from their embrace, Tabi looked up to the eyes of the boy in front of him. Her lips curled up, and her eyes darted to the ground. A steady heat was beginning to rise within her.

Looking back at her companions face, Tabi took a deep breath.

Leaned forward.

And kissed him.

She did not stay long, a second at most, before returning back to her kneeling position. Her warm face had now grown into a furnace and a smile flickered up and down her face. It was only a moment...but the moment felt...good...

And still there was doubt...

Tabi rubbed her hands, as if they were the only part of her that remained cold. She gently placed them in-between her knees and continued to rub them, hoping for the warmth to transfer to her palms. Her eyes dared not look to Ivan, for fear of what he could say in response.

"Um...yesterday." Tabi wrung her hands.

"Back when you..."

Tabi's mouth flinched upwards...

"D-did you?"
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