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((Quincy Jones cont'd from Later, Buddy))

Another day, another night. Keeping low, keeping out of sight, and out of trouble. Once or twice, Quincy had spotted some groups of people, but decided that they were too risky right now. If it were one or two, then he and Tiffany could maybe have handled them, but with only one gun properly between them, any more than that was too risky, and his own rep was becoming too hot for them to do recon.

As Quince woke up from a surprisingly restful sleep, he first made sure that all his stuff was where he'd left it. Good, it was secure, backpack, rifle, everything. He could really do with a shower, or even a stream to bathe in, but knew that would leave him too exposed, in more ways than one.

He still hadn’t spoken with Tiffany about what had happened at the Funfair, how he'd killed a man in front of her, how she'd helped. He didn't know if anything needed to be said. Well maybe one thing.

He sat up, facing away from his companion. "Tiff, I want to say sorry. I've dragged you into this. If you want to strike out on your own, that's cool. I get it. I'll even give you the rifle. But, I do want to say something. All the stuff about Felicia, that's over. Whatever happened at Prom, it was her decision. And I'm never going to find her now. I get that. And if you do stay, I'll protect you for as long as I can."

He shifted his weight, straitening out his back, stretched and waited.
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