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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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From the sounds of things, the vodka was getting to Hayley already. Noticing this, Ema was rather surprised she still seemed to be thinking so clearly. Maybe she just thought she was, or something. There wasn't much future in pondering that one for too long, the very concept gave rise to a dull ache in her head. Better to just do what comes naturally, and hope for the best.

"...and yeah,"

Well, at least she wasn't the only one incapable of finishing a sentence properly after starting it. Ema took some comfort in that.

For some reason, though, she felt really, really hot. Not uncomfortably - maybe a little bit uncomfortably - but unusually. It was supposed to be chilly, at this time of night, outside. Feeling her own arms and forehead, they all felt cold, too. It perplexed her, but again, thinking too heavily on it wasn't worth the effort. Must just be the alcohol. Aren't there supposed to be rescue dogs that carry brandy to warm people up, but they actually don't because it's not actually helpful? Something like that. With that thought, a tangent was gone off on, wondering how she'd heard about that. Probably QI. Everything she knew that was contrary to popular belief seemed to have come from it.


Oh yeah, Hayley, still there, still just stopped kissing her. Pay attention. What's with the grin? Not creepy, but... what's with it?

"You wanna go swimming?"


That actually sounded like a really good idea. Ema hadn't been swimming in months. The water wasn't particularly cold, either. And wait hang on what was she supposed to wear? Going into the sea fully clothed wasn't particularly appealing, and given her state, might actually be dangerous. There wasn't anything on underneath her shirt either, and she didn't have a costume or anyth-- oh wait, that's the idea. Come on, I started this, how can I not get where it's going?

"Yeah, I'd like that."

That just left the matter of actually going through with it. Ema knew well enough it was kind of too late to have second thoughts, but that didn't make things any easier. Neither did the likely presence of cameras, and the likely audience of her parents. Not like it's anything they haven't seen already... and if it wasn't already obvious how Hayley and I roll, well...

Ema took hold of her left sleeve, pulled her arm into the inside of the shirt. Because fuck it, I've always wanted to do this.. Without letting go, she then yanked it all the way off, the sort-of-diagonal-sort-of-curved motion taking the neck- and right arm-holes with it... or it would have, if Ema weren't prone to making mistakes and looking like a prat, especially whilst drunk and in the dark. Instead, the collar caught on the side of her head and got stuck, whilst the pulling motion just made it bunch up and become even harder to remove. Fagballs. And that's not even a real curse.

Several seconds of struggling and looking like a complete idiot later, Ema removed the offending garment, and hurled it on top of her coat triumphantly. Well, it was triumphant until she remembered that she'd completely screwed up the quick-and-cool-looking part of the deal. Oh well. Next came the jeans, considerably easier to remove, and soon topping off the pile of black clothes. Guess it's too late to invest in some more colours. The very last item of clothing, she kept on. She wasn't sure why, as soaking her underwear in seawater probably wasn't a great idea, but then again, neither was being stark naked in the middle of a televised fight to the death. 6 of one, half-dozen of the other, and it was just easier not to change anything.

As she made her way back to the water's edge, Ema subconsciously crossed her arms over her chest. After the debacle with her shirt, it wasn't as though anybody watching hadn't already seen what was - or wasn't - there, but such was the nature of her instincts. She stepped into the cool water, already prepared for the temperature, and waded out to about knee-depth, before turning back to look for Hayley.
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