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They see me walking, they hating
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((Reiko Ishida continued from Suum Venite Faciamus Latere))

Reiko Ishida trudged through what was probably once a dense forest, looking at the stumps that littered the area. She wondered what the place had looked like before they cut down the trees for wood or paper or whatever they used them for. It was probably once teeming with life, from various birds and insects and squirrels, not to mention the larger animals like deer. Thinking about this reminded her of home, where she used to take her bike out to the forests outside of town, and spend the day just riding through, looking at all the wildlife.

If only she could go back to that. Not that she would make it very far. If through some miracle she managed to survive this hellish situation, she would no doubt be arrested and put on trial on the spot. She would probably get away with it, but it wouldn't do much for her aspirations in life. No one would ever sponsor her, which means she'd never achieve her dreams of competing at the Olympics. Her sister was dead, and so were all her friends. Her parents.... well, she wouldn't want to burden them.

Reiko was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of voices. She didn't recognize either of them, but pretty much anyone she was going to run into now wouldn't exactly be friendly. With her luck, whoever they were, they would have known at least one of her... victims. As much as the word sent a shiver up her spine, there was really nothing else you could call it. All she could do now was keep walking, and maybe she wouldn't get noticed.

Not likely.
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