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They were running low. Real low. Her last swallow had taken most of what was left in the flask and she realized she didn't mind because goddammit, she was drunk. Definitely drunk. This was an awesome development that she was very much happy with, because she knew as the vodka coursed on through her I've got innocence for daaays...wait that's not even the lyric she knew that this was gonna get easier and easier. Karmic debts are not high priority for the sufficiently twisted, after all, and as Ema took most of the little that remained Hayley knew her mind would be on other things soon enough.

She wasn't even surprised when Ema took her hand again, really. It felt natural, normal, even- physical contact was Hayley's number-one need when intoxicated. She could be unbearably touchy when drunk, not that she thought the other girl would mind.

"So, um, I..."

That was hesitation Hayley recognized in her voice. Oh no no no what if she regrets it? What if she's gonna be all like I'M SORRY NVM THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN oh fuck well I'd deserve that NO HAYLEY KARMIC DEBTS ARE IRRELEVANT RIGHT NOW fuck she's not gonna is she no she's not she can't but she could really but aaaaaaargh WHY MUST GIRLS BE SO DIFFICULT. The other girl took another drink herself - we've gotta be done by now, yeah? - and left Hayley blinking through silence, waiting in silent desperation for Ema to say anything that wasn't "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that." Boys are difficult too. Urgh. Can't win. People suck.

"I missed this, you know, spending time with you like this."

Oh. That would do, yeah, that was definitely not "I didn't mean that". Even the inebriated mind of Hayley had to stifle the urge to comment on how they'd never spent time together quite like this, drunk on a beach on Survival of the Fittest, but she figured that'd be kind of mood-killing. Not that Hayley could be trusted to be eloquent while intoxicated. Her current thought process was a pretty good indicator of exactly how much she should be trusted to open her mouth.

Of course, responding to that statement with silence was not a good idea. She opened her mouth and closed it again before scraping some words together to actually say.

"I missed this too," she managed to say without slurring. "I mean, the circumstances are kinda not what I'd be hoping for, but like...yeah. We've got vodka and...like...a fucking beach. And-"

And each other, she thought, before realizing that that would be the dorkiest thing to ever be said out loud ever.

"...and yeah," she ended lamely. God, her clothes were itchy. Hayley had a penchant for flinging her clothes off when she was drunk, whether she had a reason to do so or not. She had the urge but kept it to a dull roar in her head. The last thing she wanted to do was be freaking Ema out now. Slow and steady wins the no fuck off with the cliches. Just, like, wait for a good excuse, yeah?

...Oh. Shit. She had one.

"Ema," she began, looking at the other girl with a small smile beginning to form on her face. "You wanna go swimming?" Her words were slurring a bit more now but whatever, fucks not given.
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