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Although Steven Hunt would never know, his parents, and most members of his extended family (including the uncle who had supposedly disowned him when he discovered that his nephew was gay) had been literally glued to the television from the first moment that he had woke up in the island.

Actually, the Hunt´s living room had never been so crowded in many time, with all that cousins, uncles and aunts struggling to take a seat and monitor Steven´s progress the best way they could. Actually, the most recurrent emotion that the relatives of that lanky, scrawny boy who was homosexual and loved theatre, could experience right now, was pride. Steven had not killed anyone on his time on the island. He was not a murderer, not like the rest of the kids who had been thrown into that shithole of an island. He was not a hero, neither. But he was a survivor. And that was enough for his family.

However, one of his cousins, Darren, a big fan of SOTF, knew that Steven had to kill at least one person to get out of the island. He had seen the first televised version of SOTF (dubbed now "V0" by most of the media), and he knew that the winner (some kid that went by the name "Sydney Morvran" or something like that...) had been thrown again into the next game as punishment for not killing anyone. However, there was no way Steven could know that...

His cousin Jacob was probably the one who was mostly thinking of Steven right now. He could remember their last conversation. He had called the boy a queer, a faggot... he had treated his homosexuality as a joke, as a sickness. It had been just a couple of weeks after his sexuality had been revealed to them by his mother. Jacob couldn´t help but grimace at the memory. If he only had known...

((Steven Hunt continued from In Theory, This Should be Easy))

Steven Hunt was walking through darkness, barely seeing where he was going. It had been a really stupid idea to get into the tunnels. When he had been sure that he was out of the range of the Danger Zone, he had sat for a brief couple of moments to catch his breath on the beach, and then, while he was resting, he had seen the cave entrance that was signalled on the map. Actually, Steven thought, that was a really good place for hiding. He thought that getting lost inside the entrails of the island and starve to death was not a fate he was entirely comfortable with, but, well, he might risk it. The tunnels were perfect for hiding. Inside there, he could think quietly of a plan.

The experience at the Docks had left him truly shaken, in reality. He only had wanted to form a group and then... the only reaction he got from the other boy and the girls had been them laughing him off; one of them taking him hostage and then threatening to kill him, and then the other one had just insulted him when he offered her some help. He was beginning to think that he had it coming for having been so naive. Will had been right. He shouldnt have given his knife to Kimberly... he shouldn´t have trusted her, at all. He should have turned away and run the first moment he saw her. Now Aislyn was dead and it was his fault. And now Kimberly was going to die, too, probably by Felicia´s hand... and it was his fault, too. If he hadn´t been so fixated in revenge...

His flashlight actually couldn´t allow him to see more than six or seven feet in front of him. The only sound that filled his ears was his footsteps, that sounded ominously frightening among the tunnel walls.

He heard something in the distance, a few yards in front of him, and he instantly tensed up, cricket bat ready in hand. It sounded like a heavy breathing, like some who was scared, or shocked.

Then he say a light flickering on, wildy sprawling around, as if the person who was holding it was break-dancing in circles. Until the ray of light found something of interest.

He knew it would be a good idea to run away right now...

Antonio Russo.

Or, better said, what had been Antonio Russo... he was sprawled on the ground. Apparently he had been dead for a few days. From the distance, Steven could see the maggots crawling in his skin, the blood dried that was sticking to the earth. Daniel hadn´t been like that when Steven had handled him, and Steven quite thanked God for that.

He began to tremble, unnerved for what he saw. The person that was near Antonio´s body was panting heavily, like he or she had just stumbled upon the body and were recovering from the scare. He decided not to make a sound. He was not gonna make his presence known. For all that he could know, the person in the shadows was probably the one who had killed Russo...

Or no, probably... he has been dead for days, I don´t think that a player would remain here if he had killed him. Unless they are planning on eating him...

The though almost made himself soil his pants with fear... if there was something he didn´t want to happen to him in this bloody island, was getting eaten by one of his classmates.

He simply waited, weapon ready in hand, to see if the other person made a sound, said something...

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