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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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With the way her mind worked, Ema was appreciating the reversal in the situation before it truly started. Hayley certainly had a reputation, and had even tried to jump the late Kyle's bones twice on the island already, to Ema's knowledge. At least, she assumed that was what was supposed to happening that night on the beach, and that very morning in the woods, before both untimely interruptions. And yet, here she was, Ema Ryan, the one sort-of-quiet one that had - excluding Hayley herself - never been in an intimate relationship, thanks to her own social ineptitude, taking the initiative herself. Taking the easy party-girl by surprise by being the one to make an advance.

For the first few seconds, Hayley's face was the picture of shock. Ema didn't know what expression there was after that, as she had closed her eyes, more interested in touch than sight, in lips than eyes. When she eventually pulled away, the other girl looked positively dumbfounded. Is it really that surprising? I am human, and I need to be lo-- oh no no more in-head Morrissey. I have needs. Maybe it was something else, people are complicated creatures, after all. Point is, she didn't seem to be upset.

She still looked confused, though. Ema could see the proverbial cogs turning, trying to process what had just happened. There wasn't much Ema could offer by way of an explanation, though, short of being completely honest. But that would take one hell of a long time to talk through. Instead, she tried to mumble something along the lines of "Sorry, not sure why I did that.", but didn't have the chance. Hayley had already come to a conclusion of sorts.


Without even realising it, Ema held her breath. This was not a good time for long pauses. The thought of what might be coming next terrified her, before she could even think up what it might be. It might be bad, that's all she could process.

"...need another drink."

Oh thank almighty merciful whoeveritisupthere. Worst case scenario, she'd probably just want to not talk about it again. Ema could live with that. And from the way they were still holding hands, that didn't seem likely. Best case scenario? That was something she'd rather not jinx by even thinking about. Unfortunately though, Ema was quite inebriated and aroused, so self-control was a crapshoot. Hundreds of images filled the girl's mind as Hayley led her back to the loose collection of belongings a few meters inland. She didn't have time to realise the drink in question was still in her pocket. Upon reaching the bags, it dawned on her, and she handed it over.

Hayley took off her jacket, then swallowed a large swig. Almost worryingly large. Then she handed it back over. A gentle shake told Ema less than half remained, maybe less than a quarter. The shape made it hard to judge, as did her state of mind. The two of them had certainly had a lot, though. Noting that, the amount taken at once ceased to feel relevant. So Ema followed suit, leaving very little behind after the silver parted from her mouth. Prepared for the powerful taste, she didn't choke.

Perhaps later, she'd wonder why she took hold of Hayley's hand once again, before she spoke. At the moment itself, the action just felt natural. The words didn't.

"So, um, I..."

I what? Love you? Probably true... No, too overt, too cheesy, too volatile. Want you? Could work, if I had the balls to say it like that. Need something more than just mas-- no that's not even slightly helpful, come on.

Problem was that she'd started to say something. Now she didn't have much choice besides finishing it, or looking like an idiot. With the flask still in her free hand, Ema prolonged the silence with another awkward mouthful.

I'm sorry? No, that weirded her out last time. I... missed you? Missed... this?

That seemed safe enough. After their somewhat forced reconciliation, and all the fun not-being-over-Hayley awkwardness that brought, the two of them hadn't often hung out, besides when Maddy had organised it. Across the more recent weeks, they'd grown closer - best friends, as Hayley herself aptly put it - yet still they hadn't spent much time together. They hadn't even taken the same bus for the trip. And whilst fighting to the death was a lot worse than homework, she missed being able to relax and forget the worries hanging over her head, if only for one evening.

"I missed this, you know, spending time with you like this."

And, not for the first time, Ema regretted having been so aloof in the months following their break up.
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