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Ha...no way.

Well, look at that, 7 days gone and R.J. Lowe was still alive.

Now, who the hell would've thought that was even possible? Look, R.J. was a huge fucking guy, a really huge fucking guy. He had a great body, even someone who didn't give a crap about that sort of thing like Aston could admit that, so he wasn't just a weak little twig like that guy he saw walking around with the fedora. But...honestly, he couldn't speak. That was either a gamebreaker or the gamemaker.

But...somehow, he'd done it. He's survived. He'd killed two people, two people she didn't care about. And...

R.J. Lowe, you are my hero right now, and I could possibly need you more than anyone else on this god damn rock besides whoever got a Rocket Launcher and a good radar, but what the hell are you doing?

There he was, with the sword, about to cut a girl on a box into ribbons with said huge sword, while that girl he was hanging out with back at school stood right behind him, and that girl back at the caves who spoke like a cartoon character was now speaking to the crazy girl on the box...while she was about to get attacked. Yeah, that would end well.

The box...hmm. Aston's money was on that box being that weapon everyone was going after. So...huh, she could either go for the weapon, or get R.J. + girl he was with on her side after they were finished.

Hmm. Guaranteed weapon. Balanced against allies for her one goal.

Hmm. Aston needed to think. But she needed to watch as well.

Don't disappoint me, R.J., if you don't get out of whatever you're going to do I'll bring you back to life myself and kill you again for doing it wrong.
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