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Eiko stood still for the next few seconds, just observing the murderer taking center stage in the square. Hartmann didn't look well, to put it mildly. Instead of behaving sensibly in this sort of situation and standing with any sort of weapon at ready when meeting new people, she was lying on her back and gazing up at the sky as though she were attending a picnic and basking in nature's glory. And the way she gazed around in wonder at her surroundings indicated a childish mindset Eiko could have sworn she didn't have before all of this.

Is this what would happen to her if she killed people? Would she have to choose between her life and her sanity?

But then her eyes darted back to the box Hartmann sat on. It didn't look like it belonged. It sat right in the middle of the town square, looking brand new and barely battered at all. If the box didn't contain Gweneth's abandoned prize, Eiko would eat the rotten flesh of her dead peers.

That still put Hartmann in the way of better self-defense. Although, Eiko had to admit, she thought there might be a possibility she could take Hartmann now. All she's have to do is swat her prone form off the box, snatch up the contents, and run.

...unless this was just an act Hartmann was putting on to get a victim in close. No, that would be stupid. Anyone with a gun could pick her off at a distance. But something like that wouldn't matter to an insane girl.

Better to wait and see. Her eyes turned to the other spectators in the audience. Lowe and his friend - her name started with W - didn't look like they noticed the crate, or at least didn't know what it meant. They just looked concerned for their safety.

Suddenly, she spotted another girl. It was Bennett! Somehow Eiko'd met up with her again without even trying. But... Bennett was acting shifty, looking for escape routes and trying to read everyone else she could see.

In other words, behaving almost like Eiko herself was.

No words were spoken, aside from whispers to Lowe from W-san. Perhaps it should come to her to break the ice. "Hartmann-sa-"

Wait, what was Lowe doing with that sword?
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