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This was pretty nice, actually. God, why didn't she like the beach again? Something about sea air and rust? Whatever. The now-wet sand between her toes was giving a considerable boost to her mood. Why'd she walk over here again? Leaving Ema alone seemed dumb, somehow. Why? She was having considerable trouble holding on to her thoughts for long enough to come up with conclusions. Whatever. Look at all this water, bro. You are going swimming. You are definitely going swimming and it is going to be awesome. Where'd Ema g- right, back there. She's got two guns, she'll be alright for like...five minutes while I sort out my existence. ...What's wrong, again?

Hayley's brain with alcohol added wasn't really a thing worth looking into.

Right. That whole self-control thing. Cause you're definitely good at that. Righto. She really wished she'd left her jacket back up the beach with Ema. It was warm; not oppressively so, but perhaps a bit warmer than she would've chosen if she'd been given a choice. It was the alcohol, she knew, since it'd been...brisk is a good word when she'd first gotten here, and it would probably be better for her to keep the jacket on, but catching cold was very, very low on her list of possible problems. I'm dumb. I'm really dumb. This was really dumb. I'm gonna do something really stupid and Ema's gonna leave. Again. Again! What happened last time you drank with Ema? YOU FUCKED A RANDOM HIPSTER. I mean, there's no random hipsters here, but you're gonna end up jumping Ema, that's not gonna end up any better, you have a boyfriend! Sort of. A dead boyfriend. It still counts. He's barely gone cold and here you are drunk on the beach thinking about someone else JESUS CHRIST I am a whore, this is not okay, would he forgive me? Probably, this is Survival of the Fittest, but no, okay, that's just rationalization, stop trying to make yourself feel better, you don't deserve it, you've killed five people for fuck's sake. FIVE! Five. That's a lot of angry dead people. Haunting you. Forever. Possibly literally.

No one told me this was gonna be this hard. I mean, you're supposed to figure that, I guess, but is it bad that the killing's the easier part?

Hayley was a drama magnet. This was the (unfortunate?) fact of being even slightly attractive, more than a little skanky, and drunk as often as she could manage, and she left a trail of broken hearts and rumors wherever she went. So you could say she was used to relationship drama and boy trouble and girl trouble and worrying about hookups and all that super high-school jazz. And she was used to it, all of it, except where love was concerned. Love and death, those were the two things that still freaked her out, and naturally those two things were the dominating forces in her life right now.

More the former. Love's scarier.

So yeah, she was drunk on a beach, and that was normal, but her boyfriend was dead, she'd killed five people, and she just might be in love with her ex-girlfriend, and THAT was the life of Hayley Kelly.

I don't deserve this, honest, I don't. I should be being crushed by my own guilt right now, but I'm just...not.

Hayley jumped as a hand touched her own. Oh, right, Ema, yeah, how long have I been standing here? Navelgazing? Not literally, I'm wearing clothes for once, that's always a shocker-

She turned around.



This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down.

As their lips separated, Hayley felt herself blinking dumbly, her eyes oh most definitely on Ema now. She was completely lost for words because this didn't make sense. She was SUPPOSED to be the bad girl lusting after her ex-girlfriend and she was supposed to be over here getting herself over it and now Ema was over here kissing HER and WHAT THE FUCK, that was not supposed to happen. How the fuck was she supposed to make herself feel guilty with Ema actually being totally and completely on her side? That was not okay. She was trying (and admittedly failing) to wallow in self-hatred and now Ema Ryan had to come and fuck it all up by being all gorgeous and perfect and apparently horny.

Damn her.

Paradoxically, probably because now she was really over-thinking it, Hayley suddenly felt guiltier. Her baser instincts, the ones she really wanted to listen to, were making delicious suggestions regarding Ema's clothing and how much better it would all look somewhere in the sand, but dammit, she was thinking way too much for that right now. Thinking was bad. Thinking was the enemy! Because thinking was reminding her that her karmic account was dead and dry, and she really shouldn't be allowed a moment of happiness ever again.

Well. There was a cure for thinking. It was a personal favorite of hers.

"I..." she pronounced, pausing dramatically. Alcohol gave her a scenery-chewing quality. "...need another drink." And somehow it took her a few moments before she realized how bad that sounded. Like, I NEED ANOTHER DRINK BECAUSE YOU'RE DISGUSTING AND I NEED BEER GOGGLES. Please don't let her think that. Please please please, if I could explain I would but I don't even know what I'm talking about... She compromised with herself by realizing that her hand and Ema's were still intertwined, and squeezing the other girl's hand tighter.

She dragged Ema back to what passed as a campsite (see- a couple of bags and Ema's sweatshirt) and immediately dropped her jacket, her pack dangling temptingly from its pocket. I want a cigarette. No, shit, wait for that, you start smoking now and you'll be chainsmoking all night and she's not gonna appreciate the ashtray mouth. She looked around for a bit before suddenly realizing that Ema had the flask the whole time, and that she was an idiot, not that that was news to her. She took the flask back from Ema with a sheepish grin and took her biggest gulp yet, passing what remained back to Ema.

Her clothes were getting itchy.

She took this as a good sign.
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