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((Terribad, but I could not be in less of a posting mood)).

Okay, easy, easy... They'd been spotted, that was fair enough, that factored into Bounce's plan. No guns in sight meant that for once she'd actually made a good call.

A call of her name put a wrench in that. Bounce spun around to regard the new pair approaching them. The stocky black one knew her name, wait, did she... did she actually know who this guy was? Hayes. Hayes something? Something Hayes? They'd... spoken. Ha, spoken was one way of putting it. Argued might perhaps have been a better term. He always seemed to be under the impression she thought it was fake, which was... untrue, but Bounce had never bothered to correct him.

It had haunted her back home and now, more than ever, it haunted her that... even with that knowledge, she'd still watched it. Bounce wasn't naive, but she was morbid.

She opened her mouth, and then closed it abruptly as her eyes caught something whizzing through the air.
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