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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Unsure what to make of the laugher, Ema just smiled through it, deciding to be glad her impromptu quote had been so well received. It was supposed to be witty, after all, and while she had much more experience with alcohol, Hayley probably wasn't much less intoxicated than she herself was. And her renewed drinking only exacerbated it.

The clouds concealing it passed on the gentle wind, and the moon became more readily visible, its reflected light bathing the beach in pale silver. Whilst she knew full well, thanks largely to Steven Fry, that the effect was entirely illusory, the vodka in Ema's system filled her with a sensation of comfortable warmth. A little uncomfortable, actually. She sat up for a moment, to unzip and remove her coat. The hood had been down for a while, with little sunlight left to shield from, but the chill of the evening had given her to zip the thing up to her chin for warmth on the way to the beach. Ema flung the garment rather haphazardly in the general direction her shoes, not even considering how much sand would get in it.

"I'm going for a walk."

Going for a walk? After the events of that morning, that was certainly an interesting choice of words. The last "walk" Hayley had gone for was definitely not one she'd be keen to repeat any time soon. Had she been in a clearer mindset at that moment, and without a vested interest in not being antagonistic, Ema might have mentioned it. But as it stood, even if she had recalled Hayley's choice of words back in the woods, she wouldn't have risked calling her out on them.

What she did feel like saying, though, was "Wait". To ask Hayley to let her get up and follow her to the water. Even if only a few meters apart, there was something about the way she walked away that made Ema feel somehow alone. But she didn't say that, either. No, surprise her instead. It'll be more... some adjective. Ema wasn't quite willing to insert "romantic" in there, in spite of everything. So she took another drink from Hayley's flask, closed it, and put it in her pocket.

Then she got up. Slowly, gradually, knowing better than to jump to her feet from experience.

The cooling sand felt nice between her toes. Soft, still warm from the sunlight, but not burning with midday heat.

She followed Hayley, not saying a word. The soft, loose ground made almost no sound under her feet. The other girl reached the water. She didn't turn around.

Ema caught up a few seconds later. The seawater was cold, but not bitterly so. Uncomfortable, but bearable. She'd get used to it soon.

She took one of Hayley's hands in her own.

Its owner turned around.

And, reaching her left hand around to rest on Hayley's back, Ema moved closer.

And she kissed her.
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