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((Sarah Tan continues from Keep on Smiling))

Sarah didn't know how long she'd been running. She knew it was a ridiculous course of action, and she knew she should have thought it over, but...Nick Reid was a killer. If she wanted to live, if she wanted Stacy, and Sapphire, and Harun, and Rashid and...and everyone to live, she had to get out of there.

But...she didn't know if they were following her. Oh dear, had she just abandoned them? No, they wouldn't have just stayed there, would they? Stacy, she was following, right?...right?

Eventually, Sarah stopped. It must have been a well long time ago since she saw Nick Reid. He was a really thin boy, and even though she was short, she could run faster than him. That was a definite. Sarah's little legs were still pumping though, and she just needed to sit down before they busted from just standing up, just on this small bridge.

But even that she had no time for. Someone was crying, somewhere.

Sarah couldn't let that happen, someone was hurt! She needed to help them! Now!

She surveyed the area, and...

...oh my word, it's...Remy!

In her wildest dreams, there were people she really never thought she'd see again. Some of them were still alive, but...she didn't know how they'd react if they saw her. Especially Hayley. But...Remy...Remy, of all people, she had to make sure he was okay.

She ran towards him, throwing all caution to the wind.

"REMY! Remy, it's me! Sarah!" she shouted towards him, while trying to run across the road. But as she got closer, Sarah realised why she was running towards something she had no right to be in. 4 people. 2 of them she knew, and the other two were...oh no...

George, the boy she mentally blocked out from the Warehouses all those days ago. He'd...there was a girl on the ground, her name was Gloria, she'd often see her at the library. She was on the ground, in pain, with a-a knife in her arm!

What? Who-who did that!? I-If she lets me, I-I might be able to fix her up, but...who did that? Was it one of those other boys?

There was another boy there. His name, it didn't mean anything, because right now, Sarah was looking at Remy's hands. In them was a gun. And he had it aimed right at the small girl on the ground.

Her run came to a stop, almost a complete halt, and her mouth was left slightly open in shock.

"...Remy? What's...what's going on Remy?" Sarah asked. She really had a reason to be afraid now.
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