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The girl was just rolling around on that crate. She didn't seem to care about anything at all as she stared blankly up at the sky.

Mary-Ann knew the signal. R.J. had made sure she was absolutely, one hundred percent clear on what to do when the time came. She nodded slightly and picked up the gun. It was always threw her off at how heavy it was, but after she'd spent time practicing with it, the gun had become oddly familiar in it's heaviness.

This time it wasn't practice. She knew that this time if she pulled the trigger it wasn't going to just be that hollow air sound and an empty 'click.' Mary-Ann's fingers tingled unpleasantly and felt cold against the gun.

"Whatever you do.....I trust you, R.J. I don't want to fight someone. I don't want to have to use the stuff you taught me. But if you decide that that's what we gotta do, then I'll follow you. I trust you to do the right thing," she whispered.

Soon the girl was upright sitting on the box. Mary-Ann squinted to see what she held in her hand, but couldn't really make it out. When she'd stopped looking at her hand, Mary-Ann noticed that the girl's dull, straight gaze was directed right at them
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