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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Pleased that Ray not only got the reference but added to it, Annaliese grinned and nodded before heading back to her position. The steady thrum of water from Ray’s shower filled the air. She leaned against the wall, watching the world outside the window. There was no movement on the street, which made the small enclave of houses seem detached from reality and eerie.

There was something unsettling about the slightly dilapidated condition of the houses, the emptiness of the street, and general air of decay that permeated the scene. Like maybe there really was a zombie apocalypse going on and nobody bothered to inform her. After all, in case of a real zombie outbreak, it wasn’t like she would stay in her own house. She would have to move, making carefully coordinated jumps from safe house to safe house until she met up with a plucky band of survivors and they could hole up some place secure. Like a mall. Or a Walmart.

As much as she disliked Walmart for their unfair hiring practices, exploitation of their workers, and the general economic destruction they visited upon the small, independent stores of the cities they operated in, Annaliese had to admit that they were probably easy to secure and chocked full of the supplies one would need to successfully survive a zombie apocalypse.

Shivering at the thought, she glanced over her shoulder at the cracked bathroom door. Ray wasn’t singing or talking or making any sound. There was only the steady rush of the water. If she didn’t know better, she would think that she was all alone here. In this empty house. By herself. With no one to stand beside her to face the coming zombie onslaught. As she stood in the unbarricaded window, an easy snack for any of the walking undead.

A creak somewhere behind her made her jump, whirling towards the sound. Her heart hammered in her throat, urging her towards action. She wanted to scream but only a strangled squeak emerged. Wide eyed, she stared in the direction of the sound, waiting for the shambling, decaying creature to show itself. But nothing came as the seconds ticked by.

Feeling incredibly foolish, she chastised herself. “See, it’s nothing. You’re being silly.” Her eyes flicked back to the bathroom door. She could call out to Ray, just to see if he would answer. Which he totally would, since he was still there. She wasn’t all alone. He would be back out in a few minutes, just as soon as he finished cleaning himself.

She fought the urge to creep back towards the door and call out to him, just to hear him respond. “You are a big girl and there’s no such thing as zombies,” she firmly reminded herself. “Stop being a baby. If it’s bothering you that much, go find something to barricade the window with.” A plan in mind, sort of, Annaliese cast one last fretful glace out the window before beginning to prowl around, looking for something to make a barricade with.
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