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Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Hayley was feeling it. This was the beautiful thing about being a miniature version of a person; she had the tolerance of a three year old and she could totally feel the warmth pouring through her veins after one damn sip of vodka. Considering the limited supply they were gonna have to deal with this was a very, very convenient quality. She looked out at the water and the saltwater smell of the sea air that had irritated her so much moments before was really easy to ignore because holy shit. That is like...the ocean. That is a fucking universe of water right there. Oh shit, was I not just thinking about swimming? I definitely was. We need to swim. In the goddamn ocean. Fuck yes bro. It was hard to tell why her thoughts were so incoherent- the alcohol might have a bit to do with it, but it was probably more her total and complete happiness and her having a means at hand to forget all the shit that was fucking with her head.

Either way, she considered the fact that she was not currently running up and down the beach singing as the height of self-control.

Ema took her sip and Hayley couldn't help but giggle at her reaction to the taste. Yeah, well, it was vodka, Hayley couldn't judge her too harshly, but still it was cute amusing? Entertaining? Oh, hell, fuck it, it was cute. She seemed to take it in stride, though, even if she was a bit...wobbly. Jeez, how much did she take? Or maybe her tolerance is just worse than mine BUT WAIT THAT'S PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Whatever.

"You know, alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of drunkenness."

Hayley blinked.

Then she started laughing and for the life of her could not stop.

I'm- ahahahahaha- can't breathe- away laughing on a fast camel OH GOD THAT BOOK AHAHAHAHAHA what is air what is oxygen oh jesus

She took the proffered flask and drowned her laughter in a long gulp of the contained beverage, which did a good enough job of quieting her laughter. It burned on the way down as usual and she took a deep breath of that sea air. It did wondrous things for her throat. God, she didn't want to give the thing back, which was bitchy of her, probably, but fuck it, she wanted to be proper fucked up in short order. She compromised by taking another, smaller sip before passing the flask back over to Ema.

She focused her attention back to the sky. It really was a gorgeous night- she couldn't have asked for much better, and for the first time she was honestly grateful that Fucking Liz Polanski had happened to be near chased her out of her fucking mansion. They'd be able to run around drunkenly inside the mansion, yeah, but they wouldn't have this, the sky and the ocean that she was seriously looking forward to swimming in and the stars and the moon that touched Ema's skin like

Stop right there.

This whole not-thinking-about-sex thing, that thing that she'd been going with since this morning when thinking about sex had, oh yeah, gotten her boyfriend killed- that thing wasn't working. It really wasn't. She could blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol but seriously, honestly, she'd definitely been there before she started and uh for basically the last four days. Alcohol wasn't gonna help, not that that was gonna stop Hayley from drinking, because nothing could keep Hayley Kelly away from vodka, but...but.

Shit. Here she was, sitting with Ema, drinking, after what was probably the most traumatic fucking day of their lives, trying to forget about it all, and she was thinking about sex? That was seriously the story of her priorities in life but still, the guilt was eating at her. Her boyfriend died, what, twelve hours ago, something like that? And Ema probably wanted to forget about all this shit. To get drunk and to sleep.

Which is what I should be thinking about. Which is what I usually AM thinking about, actually, alcohol and sleep. And sex. Alcohol and sleep and seWHICH IS THE PROBLEM HERE HAYLEY. Listen to yourself. Look at your life. Look at your choices. Look at who's dead because you had to be a skank. I know that's your usual MO and everything but honestly, isn't this worth it? Can't you just, like. drink? Sit here? Be happy? Look at Ema without thinking about how her skin feels under her-

Okay, you need a minute?

She stood up, and in a dramatic voice, proclaimed:

"I'm going for a walk."

Her first step, she stumbled. The head rush was massive, but she wanted her feet in the water.
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