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At some point, she slept. It had been a while since she'd had any rest. The middle of a field wasn't the optimal location, but given her sorry shape, there was a decent chance any passerby would mistake her for a corpse. Anyway, nothing bothered her.

She was awoken by the PA. Announcements again. A few names to listen for. Her own was coming, of course. She'd been sort of anticipating it, actually. Nothing she did would restore Aislyn, so she figured she might as well take what she could get. Right now, that was a little bit of sadistic glee at the thought of Danya stumbling over "Nguyen".

Her name came. It rolled off Danya's tongue like he was a native speaker.


Her black mood lasted through the remainder of the man's speech. There were only two little bright spots. The first was that Kris was still out there, and still dangerous enough to take someone down. It bit for Janet Claymont, but it meant that her killer would still be in shape to resist when Kimberly caught up to her. That was good. This would all be fucking pointless if Kris was already dying or maimed or anything like that.

The other positive was that Kimberly hadn't won the Best Kill Award. Rhory Anne Broderick had. This was good because it was almost certainly a gun, something Kimberly didn't really fancy carrying again, and also because it was at the docks, where Aislyn was.

Kimberly didn't want to go back to the docks.

More time passed. She had a cracker and a cigarette. Nicotine for breakfast. Damn, it was almost starting to feel like a compulsion. Kimberly had never been addicted to anything in her life. Never smoked this much either, though. She'd brought two packs so she could share. Normally she went through maybe two smokes a week. Here, she'd only ever lit up for image reasons at the start, yet now she was smoking a second consecutive time just because.

She stubbed out the remaining half of the cigarette and pitched it over her shoulder.

She didn't really know what to do. She could go look for Kris, but that hadn't been much of a winning proposition so far. She could probably have just as much luck simply sitting and waiting for the other girl to trip over her. Right now, she was pretty much alone. There were no desires driving her. No one besides Kris in her crosshairs. Nothing much to do except chill so she didn't die before the halfway mark. Danya had said it was close, and that had been almost an hour ago now, so it was her new goal. A nice little way to prove herself, prove that her injuries didn't mean jack shit, that she was just as competent as ever.

Yeah. Live to halfway.

It was something to do.
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