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Ivan had commanded her to not finish her sentence. It had made her to arch her body in fright. Her lips were sealed though, pressing against the cuts on her chapped lips. It was better than saying it and hearing the truth from her own mouth.

"You can't... honestly think..."

Tabi felt the gaze coming from beside her. She dared not look at it though. She didn't want him to see the answer.

She was thinking exactly that. Nobody would get the commentary of what had happened. Nobody wanted the commentary when watching television. They just saw what they saw and they knew what it was they had seen. Tabitha Gweneth was a murderer. Micheal and Dana Gweneth had spawned a murderer. If she made it back, it would be after everyone had seen what happened. Her mother was in the newspaper! She would be asked by thousands upon thousands of letters as to how. How could she not have seen the signs? Her father wasn't safe either. Just because the newspaper got the majority of the letters didn't mean he would be immune to them.

If she made it back...it would get so much worse. She would have outlasted her entire class. The ire they would receive would be so much worse.

On the other hand...

A warm hand gripped her arm tightly. Her eyes darted bellow to see the pale arm of Ivan draped across her belly. Her body squirmed, wanting desperately to free herself from its owner, but he wouldn't let go of her. Tabi moaned in complaint, but said nothing. The arm had locked her down and Ivan was going to see it all.

"What you did wasn't your fault... they know that. Anybody who saw knows that, Tabi."

Tabi's squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head. No. That was impossible. Ivan didn't know what he was saying. He just didn't understand the words that were coming from his mouth. His words were punches into her gut. The pain had grown again and was spreading all over the aches in her body. She wanted to scream at him that he was wrong and that Clio had died because of her. Nobody could accept what she had done. They had already convicted her back in St.Paul. There was no room to appeal.

"Come here...and l..."

She felt Ivan's firm hands rolling her onto her side. She fidgeted and wailed in resistance. But Ivan had out-muscled her. Her eyes were still wedged shut.

"l-look at me..."

Tabi tried to resist. Her eyelids were trying to keep her blinded. Ivan's face would be too much for her to handle right now. And yet, her lids lifted up and stared out into Ivan's face.

She regretted opening them. The look in his eyes was soft and he was on the verge of tears. There was no malice to be found on his, only a look of pained look of pity.

Water was starting to pool up in the corner of her eyes. Why was he looking at her like that? She didn't deserve such a look from him. She was guilty. Why could he look at her the way he was now?

Ivan's voice was so quiet that Tabi barely heard him. His eyes were still intently focused on hers. Waves of discomfort were washing over her as she couldn't look away from him. His ice blue eyes had ensnared her own and now she found it difficult to blink.

"...but we have to be stronger than that. You've done nothing wrong... Tabi."

Tabi froze. She had done nothing wrong. He had said it as if it was a law. She had done nothing wrong. It had been said with such authority, such certainty.

"It was an accident..."

Tabi couldn't believe that. An accident was when you had run into someone at Bayview. Or if you had spilled something on a friends shirt. A murder couldn't be an accident.

And yet he had said it so vehemently.

You were only trying to protect me...

and you did....

You saved my life...

Short hiccup-like sobs were the only sounds Tabi could make. Her body was starting to shake once more, but Ivan's hand had moved to her left side. It no longer grasped her, it was gently placed, only serving as a gentle hand.

"You stopped me from being killed when I was protecting you. And I'm going to go on protecting you for as long as I'm alive."

He didn't have to say anything, Tabi wanted to say, but the lump in her throat kept her still.



"If there's anybody who deserves to go back home...

anybody who needs to be back in the arms of her parents...

who WILL accept her...

it's you."

Her right hand shook as she lifted up. She placed it over her face, trying, unsuccessfully to hide her mouth and eyes from Ivan. Her body shook in time with her muffled cries.

A warmth was leaking inside of her, trying to destroy the aches that were in her body. Her mouth was starting to curve upwards and as she sobbed, it grew louder and louder, breaking free from her self-imposed muzzle.

She inched over to Ivan, feeling his arm draping behind her back. Her head gently touched Ivan's forehead and now her hand had wrapped itself on his shoulders. Restraint had been sucked away by Ivan's words and now, she wailed to him, feeling the warmth of his body against her own until her sobbing ceased.

"I-Ivan..." she said, pressing her cheek to his brow, "It hurts...a-am I supposed to hurt, Ivan?"

She felt her hand pushing him forwards, trying to keep him close.

"D-do you hurt...too?"
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