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That's Just Crazy Talk
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(Rachel Gettys continued from Don't Fear the Reaper)

As she did her best to keep up with the men, Rachel was strangely silent. Though normally she'd be content to speak at length on matters of concern to her, her mind was on other things, specifically matters of her mind. She hadn't been keeping track of how many days had passed, but at this point, she couldn't deny it any longer. He wasn't coming, and she was beginning to get the feeling that He had never told her that He was coming in the first place.

When she thought of how she'd talked to the people she'd met, how she had been acting, it was becoming more and more evident that something was wrong with her. Rachel was insane. Or at the very least, she was delusional. When had this begun? How had it happened? Had she killed a man on her own volition, rather than being told to do so? And if so, what did that make her?

Too much thinking was giving her a headache, so she brought her attention instead to a discussion that Neill and Robert were taking part in. It was some small talk about the local area, and she couldn't understand why in the world they were talking about it. The woods looked fine, and the grass looked quite inviting with her leg feeling the way it did. "If you don't mind, I'd like to rest for a moment," she said, and without waiting for a reply, she sat down a short distance away from the water. "Whatever happened here, it does not really matter, does it? While it might be fun to speculate, the important thing is that nobody else is here."

Staring into the water, Rachel repeated mostly to herself, "Nobody is here but us. We're all alone." What reason would there be for Him to be watching right now? Neill was no believer, Robert had gone off the path, and Rachel...well, she was still unsure what to call herself right now. She still wasn't sure that she could call what she did 'murder,' but chances were high that anyone who looked at her actions would call her that.
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