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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"Yeah. Yeah, I've definitely got some left, I mean, I've barely had any, I'd totally forgotten I had any until now, really-"

Hayley was grinning like a fool, clearly even more excited by the idea of alcohol than Ema herself. Probably wasn't thinking along the same lines yet. Must really like getting drunk, then.

Things change fast.

Having said it aloud, it became clear how true those poorly thought out words actually were. Not exactly the best way to express them, but it was concise enough. Things change fast, might as well nudge them in the right direction. Hayley bent over to find the messianic flask, displaying the exact reason Ema rarely wore even normal-length skirts, though she was hardly complaining. The gun went away, the small silver container came out. Ema followed suit in taking off her footwear, and joined Hayley on the sand.

"Gotcha. You like vodka, yeah?"

Ema had already guessed that's what was in it, and with no other options presenting themselves, no wasn't really a valid response. Not after getting Hayley so excited, at any rate. A nod answered the question. Directing change for her own benefit was all well and good, but that didn't mean Ema was any more comfortable doing it. Maybe she would be in a few minutes. More memories at fault, of course.

"Your turn."

Hayley had already made a start. Time for the proverbial moment of truth, then. Ema took the unassuming little container, held it, looking at it for a few moments. They felt longer than they actually were. The metal was cool, with just a hint of the warmth of Hayley's hand lingering on it, and warming up with each passing second it stayed in Ema's. Abandoning apprehension, she brought it to her lips. Still a little moist, a mixture of vodka and saliva. The alcohol overpowered the taste of the latter, but it was still somehow palpable. And it made Ema want more, preferably from the source.

Slowly, finally, she tipped the flask, letting the clear liquid spill onto her tongue. She swallowed quickly. It didn't taste of much, but it stung the inside of her mouth like a fire made of needles oh wow that's the best description I've ever heard, and wasn't a pleasant feeling. Passing down her throat, the sensation was much the same, but it lingered much longer. Ema couldn't help but let out a spluttering cough, and quickly cover her mouth.

Soon, though, the feeling changed. While the biting aftertaste remained, it seemed to pale to insignificance, in the wake of an all-encompassing feeling of calm. Euphoria, even. Whatever it was, it was nice, and more than worth the price. Ema took another swig, managing to control her instinct to cough it back up the second time around.

The "nice" feeling intensified.

Ema felt very, very calm.

Comfortable, even, sitting around on the sand with her... Her difficult-to-label companion.

Really quite relaxed.

Ema leaned across towards Hayley, headfirst. Is this it? Their faces came close. No, not yet, slow down. And Ema backed up a bit, hoping it could be palmed off as already being a little tipsy. More than a little. She added to the excuse, reeling off a quote that had rather luckily come to her.

"You know, alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, produces all the effects of drunkenness."

Wilde? She was moderately sure it was Wilde. He'd probably worded it differently, more purple prose and big words, but it didn't really matter. Saying it perfectly would break the illusion. Ema handed the flask back to Hayley, moved back to how she'd been sitting to begin with. Yeah, let her have some more as well. Try not to think of this the way it looks.

Leaning back on her hands, Ema turned her eyes skyward. With the sun as low as it was, the stars were starting to come out, though the moon was nowhere to be seen just yet. It'd have been hard to set a more beautiful scene, and it was hard for Ema not to just put her foot in her mouth and blurt out everything she was thinking. But I only get one chance at this. No room for fucking it up.
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