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Ash looked with a vague feeling of curiosity at the two groups, temporarily snapping out of her trance to evaluate the situation. One boy was calling out to a girl nicknamed Bounce, dropping his harpoon for some reason. Was he trying to be non-threatening? Maybe the two knew each other back in school. She recognized the second boy, however. Dutchy was his name, if she recalled correctly. He was quivering in fear, as far as she could tell.

He is a burden to his friend. Nothing but useless weight.

She couldn't ignore him, though. One pair of eyes was all that was needed to spot her. A carbide lamp wouldn't be able to match against a harpoon, no matter how much strength she had. With Bounce's companion stepping in front of her as a shield, the opportunity Ash had to sneak down vanished. Without a word, she sunk even lower into the foliage. Those two were- Wait, something was off here. Didn't she see another two walk around earlier?

Am I sure that there are only four people standing there?

She briefly glanced around. As far as she could see, there weren't any extras. But a feeling of unease crept its way into her stomach. If she was caught, she would die. What could she do to make her job possible? What could she do to distract them? She was more than ten feet away from them. If there was another group, then she couldn't get away without being chased. She couldn't afford to waste energy like that.

Then I will just have to play them.

Joining them was out of the option. She couldn't trust them to not turn on each other, as she found out with Samya's betrayal. However, she learned that groups tended to fracture along emotional lines. Her target was clear. The unfortunate one would be Dutchy, whose weakness was evident and easily exploitable.

The only question was how she would do this. How would she split the harpoon boy and Dutchy? She didn't have an established method or a clearly thought out answer. So, Ash chose the only option she could see: Improvise. If she failed, she would just retreat to a safe distance and harass them again later.

Picking up a small rock, she took aim and threw it at Dutchy's legs.
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