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((Okay, really short and really temporary place-holder post so Alice doesn't get put on the inactive chopping block. I will expand and improve upon this at a later time. But not now.))

Alice watches Andrea and Allen carefully but doesn't move, on account of Bounce's advice. She murmurs her consent to Bounce to follow what she says, saying something along the lines of, "We'll wait and see what they do, then." She looks grim and suspicious, like a female Punisher.

Before anyone else can do anything that involves walking anywhere, Roland calls out and grabs their attention. Alice goes all Mama Bear and quickly steps in front of Bounce. She's tense and distrusting, eying the opposite pair carefully. On one hand, they know Bounce. On the other hand, one of them had a harpoon. Admittedly, a dropped harpoon, but it was still a threat.

Alice doesn't look away from the Dutchy and Roland, but she tilts her head enough so that Bounce could hear her and other group couldn't. "What do you want to do? Remember the other group as well. We could potentially be trapped here if this is some sort of trick." Not that she thought it was a trick, she just wanted to be prudent. She wished she still had her gun.
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