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[[Brief GMing permitted by KamiKaze]]

Gloria tried to smile--getting a pretty shaky, twitching one because she was crying, but it was a smile. Michael was smiling at her, so it was right to smile back, right? "Y-Yeah, o...okay...c-c-areful..." she whispered, nodding as she wiped her face again.

She didn't even have time to react, really. One moment, she'd taken a step forward, intent on following Michael--it was time to switch leaders, she supposed. No sense in having the leader be weeping and aiming guns at everything--and then there was the rustling.

Bushes rustling.

A few twigs snapped in rapid succession.

Someone ran out onto the road where they were, looking more like a blur than anything.

Gloria looked up.


Gloria let out a quick, short cry as there was a horrible pain at the side of her head. The pain didn't even last for too long, actually--right after impact, Gloria felt like half her face had gone numb, and she was afraid to move her jaw, fearing it might be stuck, dislocated, broken...She fell to the ground, half screaming half gasping as she lifted her non-gun hand to where she'd been hit, tears streaming even faster down her face now.

"A-Aaah! St-s-s-sta...l-lea'me...!" she tried to cry out, words and sentences being jumbled and mixed up, her stutter suddenly getting worse. Her hand tightened around the gun--it was honestly a miracle she hadn't let go of it--and she tried to crawl forward, get away from the crazy guy with the chair, get to Michael, he had a weapon on him that didn't need to be properly-aimed right, he could help her, he had to--

Someone else ran out just then, and Gloria briefly saw a flash of metal in their hand. She didn't know who he was coming to protect--her or the chair-guy. Shaking and choking on her sobs, Gloria looked up in time to recognize the face--That's Remy, we saw each other in hallways a few times, I heard people say his name once or twice--and then there was another searing pain in her arm.

She screamed again, shaking the arm that the knife was embedded in, in a desperate and stupid attempt to get it out. The knife was pulled out by its owner, thank God, but what if he stabbed her again she didn't want to die oh God what had she ever done to deserve this and now her arm was bleeding and her head was numb and it hurt it hurt it hurt she was scaredscaredscared...

"H-H-HEL-ELP M-M-MEEEE!" she wailed, her whole face wet with tears, saliva, snot...she looked a mess but she didn't care about that right now. Who could in a time like this? Still on the ground, she pulled the gun closer to herself by accident as she tried to crawl/drag herself away from these people. "D-D-DAAAD!" she sobbed.
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