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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Jason Harris continued from But That Was Yesterday... ))

Jason skirted the outside of the building. He had initially headed towards the Lighthouse like the backup plan had dictated but took pause when he spotted Reiko in the vicinity. Reiko, one of the top killers on the island, well at least according to Jason's notes anyway. He considered briefly trying to take her on but decided against it. Too many variables. He still had a quick look at the lighthouse, checking the area for the prearranged signal that he gave Nathan to mark. He didn't find anything, the two never made it there. Still neither of his friends names were in the announcements so that meant they were still alive. He didn't investigate further. If Nathan and Maf were at the lighthouse they would of moved on, they were both smart enough to do that. So Jason had paused for a second to figure out where they might of moved. As far as nice defensible locations went, the Warehouse was his next guess so that's where Jason went.

His stomach grumbled again as he listened quietly to the area. He'd already spotted Jojo and Saul. The two were standing next to the bushes just near the rear entrance to the building making far too much noise for Jason's liking. The body they were puking over held no interest to Jason just yet. The pack might have food though, which he could definately go for but his brain checked him once again. He probably should avoid them for now. Moving carefully he slipped through the side entrance where Felicia had just entered and paused when he saw the girl.


He had hoped he would find Nath and Maf simply sitting there. What a stupid idea. Still, Jason held out some hope that the two would be around. His left hand went to his gun tentatively and hovered over the pistol tucked in to his shorts. Moving quickly he unzipped his backpack, pulling out a small group of twigs he had gathered for just this occasion, scattering them just outside the door he then carefully closed it. He would hear the snapping if anyone was about to open the portal. Stepping to one side so as to dive in to the nearby office if things got dicey Jason called out to Felicia, trying to keep his voice audible but low. Who knew who else was around here.

"Hey Felicia, probably not the smartest was of doing that." He paused for a second, considering his next words. "You don't have any food left do you?"

Despite everything he had told himself about taking out anyone in his way Jason was still shocked from his accidental kill. He wasn't going to make the same mistake again. Still, his hand stayed near his pistol. If things went south he wasn't going to hesitate.
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