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"Yeah. Things change fast, huh?"

Super eloquent, Ema Ryan. It wasn't like Hayley blamed her, given the complexity of the situation, and how late it was getting, and how neither of them were particularly good at putting words together in ways that made sense for normal humans. She couldn't help but wonder exactly how late it was, considering the sun had only just finished sinking completely out of sight- the dark sky bleaching the sand white in a way that was totally giving her flashbacks that she was going to ignore. It's summer, so it could be 9 already...what time zone are we even in? It's definitely summer so we're, like, in the same hemisphere at least. That's...comforting? She wrinkled her nose. She hadn't put much thought into where or when she was, she realized. Probably because she'd been distracted by this whole murder thing.

Yep. Go on and accentuate the positive, girly.

She kicked off her sneakers and pulled her socks off behind them, well aware that all she was going to succeed in by wearing them now was filling them with sand, guaranteeing her last days on earth would be itchy as hell. Her toes dug through the sand, that sensation being maybe the one thing she liked about beaches, and let her daypack drop from her shoulder. Her gun, her Vera- was she still holding it? She had hardly noticed; at this point it just seemed to belong in her hand. She didn't let go of it, though she noted the safety was still off (smooth, Hayley, I guarantee you were this close to shooting yourself in the foot) and clicked it on.

She looked back at Ema, trying to think of something not lame to say.

"Hey... do you have anything left in that flask? I could use something to take the edge off this whole stupid week."


There was an extended pause as Hayley processed this question.

And there was an obvious change in her expression when the meaning finally got through to her.

HOW DID I EVEN FUCKING FORGET?! I have alcohol I HAVE ALCOHOL. LIFE HAS MEANING. I love everything. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened in anyone's life ever. Ever. Deadass. Like a rescue helicopter could show up and I could not be happier HOW DID EMA REMEMBER THIS AND I FORGOT I don't even know holy fuck I have vodka I HAVE VODKA we have vodka, have I ever drank with Ema I don't think I have if we drank when we were dating we probably would have fucFOCUS HAYLEY THERE IS ALCOHOL IN YOUR BAG AND YOU ARE NOT DRINKING IT AND THIS IS BLASPHEMOUS.

She realized she was grinning like an idiot, which was probably super attractive. She shrunk her smile to the non-freakish kind.

Have I drank any of it...? Yeah, I had like, a sip. Last time I was here, actually. This is so perfectly circular. 'Cept last time I was here I was trying to get laid-

There was definitely a logical completion of that thought, and it was hanging on the tip of Hayley's tongue? brain? brain-tongue?, but...but. No. Bad Hayley. Be good and get fucked up with your bestie, yeah?

You have a unique definition of good.

No one is asking for your advice.

"Yeah. Yeah, I've definitely got some left, I mean, I've barely had any, I'd totally forgotten I had any until now, really-"

She was babbling. So not cute. She laughed almost sheepishly as she cut herself off, scratching her head. Embarrassed. Why the fuck was she embarrassed? Ema'd seen her kill people, she could probably deal with the fact that she was a fucking idiot. She bent over to open her bag (I am probably flashing cameras right now, whose idea was it to wear a miniskirt on Survival of the Fittest? Mine? Oh right, I'm retarded) and released her death grip on Vera, so cheered was she by the prospect of being piss drunk on a beach. Tucking the gun into her bag, she dug out the item in question- a decently sized silver flask with the words "hot mess" emblazoned oh-so-classily is that a word even on the front. She sloshed it around a bit. Yep, definitely mostly full.

Dear God or Buddha or maybe Satan in this case: you are fucking awesome, bro. Full score.

"Gotcha. You like vodka, yeah?"

How'd she known that? They'd never drank together except for that party. The one where you fucked that sexy hipster boy who you never saw again. And then Ema saw you. And then you broke up. You know, that one time.

Ow. Stupidity burns like fire.

She decided not to give Ema a chance to dwell on that because you will really miss your chance if you do and instead opened the flask. With a cheery "bottom's up!" she took a long gulp, and, concealing the burning in her throat with effort (why did I not bring cranberry juice), she handed the flask over to Ema.

"Your turn."
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