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The heel of Kris's trainer drummed on the metal box aimlessly, entirely unwares of exactly what was held within it. For a few seconds longer, she stared up at a cloudless sky, unseeing. Then, Kris's eyes dipped down to regard the shoe making a thunking beat on the surface of the container. It was a sort of faded red. Ah. Right... she remembered...

Force. Her. Down. Crunching bone. Pained gasps. Blood spatter, spurter. Pitter-patter, like rain... pitter-patter on the sneakers...

Momentarily fascinated, Kris stopped twitching and stared at her blood-soaked trainer, angled higher then her head because of where it was resting. A moment or two of that and then... she blinked. For the first time, she looked beyond merely what was right in front of her, and saw him. A familiar face.

That encounter... well, here, more or less. Not by the fountain, but definitely in the streets. When she'd collapsed and awoken to find herself restricted, grabbed by others. Accusing, pouring guilt and judgement on her. ...Deserved. Kris had managed to extricate herself from that group, just barely. This guy... well this guy was back, now. He had somebody else with him. A name came to Kris's head. Not the girl, the tall dude with the sword. R.J.

How'd she know that? She couldn't remember, maybe they shared a class somewhere. R.J. looked far warier now than he ever had done before. Kris's reputation preceded her.

Herald... herald of blood. Herald of unspeakable acts...

Kris pushed herself up off the ground, detonator clutched in her fist almost unconciously. She slid forward, up onto the box, then perched on it and hauled herself into a sitting position. The container wasn't massive, so Kris was still close to the ground, looking up.

Her expression... was not welcoming. Nor was it hostile. She simply stared placidly, eyes that little bit vacant beneath a blood-matted fringe. Seeing, yet... glazed over.

Will there be more?


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