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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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[[Hayley Kelly continued from Sprint For The Finish Line]]

[[OOC: Permission to make a new topic here was obtained and all that.]]

It was not supposed to be like this. Hayley and Ema were definitely not supposed to have ended up back in the fucking sand breathing in goddamn saltwater with their guns probably getting rusty from the sea air however that works, sea air rusts things, yeah? whatever even. They were supposed to be unconscious on some gloriously huge beds or maybe in like...a jacuzzi or whatever it is rich people have nowadays. In the mansion, was the general idea, that was the plan, but there was that whole Liz Polanski thing again.

That fucking bitch ruins everything. First she gets her collar off before me and now she practically chases me out of my motherfucking mansion, that's just like blatant racism right there.

Or something.

Maybe she was exaggerating just a little, given that there was no way Liz had ever been aware that she and Ema had been nearby. They'd headed straight off to the mansion from the tunnels, and Hayley for her part was super hype about the whole thing, to the point where she managed to not smoke another cigarette or have another nervous breakdown or shoot anyone else in the head or do any of that Survival of the Fittest variety shit that she'd been getting so accustomed to. It was a drama free walk, and the sunlight dimmed with no fanfare, and Hayley was wide awake, somehow, too excited to be tired. She wanted to go swimming, or something, she wasn't sure what she wanted, really, but whatever, hyperactivity is hyperactivity. At any rate it was getting dark and Hayley could see the mansion in the near distance and she was about to sprint to the goddamn door when

it opened and out came Liz fucking Polanski.


She wasn't alone, in fact she was being carried, carried by some boy whose name escaped her mind at the moment. But she was unmistakably herself, from the bandages around her neck- so she really DID do it? holy shitfuck, this girl pulled some major shit off -to her general gothy gothness. They were quite close, in fact it was a miracle (and bushes) that kept them out of notice, and a long moment passed where Hayley seriously considered popping a cap in the girl's head, because if there was one person who Hayley would feel absolutely no guilt about killing (because guilt was definitely her problem), it was Charlene Norris Liz Polanski.

She had this feeling that the same thought was passing through Ema's mind. It was a great feeling, it told her she wasn't a horrible person. Feelings like that got rarer by the day.

But the girl had a fucking squadron with her. Besides the boy carrying her, there was another girl and two boys, and she could see they were armed. One of the boys, at least, the redhead, he had a gun- a weird fucking gun but hell, if Ema's ray gun is a thing I'm not gonna judge anyone else's deadly weapon, especially not when they're likely to be pointed at me. It was a tough call, and it sucked, because this could be so easy, but she wasn't going to risk being Dead Girl Number Whatever-The-Fuck-They-Were-On-Now when they could oh so easily slip away into the darkness.

For a long moment, Hayley wanted to stay, and wait. They seemed like they were leaving, and Hayley wanted her goddamn mansion with the goddamn jacuzzi that she'd just made up but what kind of mansion doesn't have a jacuzzi, anyway? What the fuck is taking them so long? Liz had disappeared with the boy, but the other three were still there, with some girl, who was- what was it, blocking the entrance? Come the fuck on...

An irritated Hayley Kelly gave Ema an exasperated look and beckoned Ema back off into the darkness. If these assholes were gonna take her spot, she was just gonna have to spend the night somewhere else. Even with both of them locked and loaded that is exceptionally cliche, I am a dork Hayley didn't quite trust that they'd be able to pick all four off unscathed.

Safer out somewhere else. She hoped so, anyway.

And that's how they found themselves on the fucking beach, and she didn't realize exactly where she was until she tripped right over the still headless (no shit it's still headless) body of James goddamn Mulzet.


She didn't fall. Thank God or Buddha or whoever for that shit, cause if she had she would've gone face first in a stagnant blood puddle, which would have fucked up her shirt majorly, not that she would've minded that much cause she actually hated Placebwhat are you even thinking about, HOW THE FUCK DID WE GET BACK HERE. THIS IS THAT KID YOU KILLED THAT ONE TIME. Remember? James Mulzet? Shit getting real? Being heroic like a motherfucker? Yeah.

This is some day three shit right here.

Hoping Ema would tactfully ignore the fact that she was at present graceful as a really-not-graceful-thing, Hayley stepped on over the body and yes, this was definitely the beach. It was colder than the rest of the island and everything smelled like salt and brine and blech. Whatever. It's one night. I can do one night.

"Feels like it's been forever, yeah?" she said quietly, looking at Ema. "It's only been, what, four days? And everything's different now."

She decided not to think about exactly what had happened the last time she'd been here. The last time she'd been here, Kyle Portman had been walking and breathing and shirtless, but she was going to think as little as possible about any of that, because she didn't quite hate herself.

Not just yet.
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