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Private words.

Let them speak. Let them plan. Plan what? Who can say? What can the would-be vigilante convince the pacifist hippie of? What can they accomplish? And why don't they want Raidon to hear?

Larger questions, questions he should be ignoring, because Naoko Raidon is not trying to protect people and he is not trying to beat the game. Too many of the cards rest in the hands of the men working the system, and so Naoko Raidon is going to play by the system's rules so he can get the hell out of here, regardless of what these two have to say.

The witness to his first murder. The girl he'd killed to protect.

"Fine," he heard. "Let's go."

And she was limping off into the woods.

She limped off into the woods, and without so much as a glance at Julian Avery Raidon followed, because he was beginning to understand why, exactly, he'd allowed himself to talk, and why either he or Julian wasn't dead right now. It was related, in part, to Maxwell Lombardi and Simon Grey. It was related to trying to plan ahead--to understand that, after all was said and done, he would have to live with himself if he ever escaped this godawful island.

As long as she was injured, he couldn't let Soryu go.

"If it comes down to it," Raidon said, so only Julian could hear him. "You get her away from whatever we're fighting." He glanced down at his gun. "If it comes down to it."

(Naoko Raidon continued in -,-- -,-- --..)
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