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I'm not sure how long I've been searching, but all traces of Quincy Jones and Tiffany Chanders have turned up fruitless.

After leaving the Fair, and Goth Girl Chase to her own devices, I started North. I once again had to skip the Mansion, as it was not a place I intended to go any time soon now. I'm not sure if Chase has been following me, I haven't even bothered to check. Frankly, she looks far too precious to watch me commit such...atrocities crimes revenge(?), so once I stop, I'll check.

I further travelled North to the clinic, where I saw only a few people. Should I have bothered to check inside, I probably would have found more. I spotted that Sarah Xu, the communist dyke who runs that Activism Club, and what do you know, Bridget Connolly. It'd be fair to call Bridget a^n...acquaintance of mine. I'm not really sure what brought us together, but we remain on speaking terms. Or we would have, were I not slightly irked off by Simon Telamon, lurking around. I know he's a killer now. I didn't want to tangle with more than I had to, so I left.

Next would have been the Docks, but instead I was forced to skip them since they were also declared a Danger Zone. I travelled North, to the Lighthouse, where I spotted some people I also wished to not tangle with. From there, I headed back to town. I searched. I failed to find the two, even with my most thorough of all possible searches.

But I did not check here yet.

It's the centre of town, and according to the big gelatinous slob of a man that is MR DAYNA there is also a weapon here. I won't need it. Only the really desperate scramble for weapons when they have no confidence in their goal.

I, however, do not. I know the one thing I need to do, and that is all now.

I will write up my findings and discoveries later.


((Aston Bennett continues from Later, Buddy))

The notepad she packed with an absent mind met her hands for the first time. After deciding she wouldn't play almost a week ago, she saw no need to get it out. Her final words didn't need to be written down, not when she had a solid, independent voice. She was better than that.

But...this path was going to be tough. You can't remain rational and observant and throw away all of your previous mantra without learning a little from the experience. The attitude she adopted for her pre-choice travels were inadequate for this road.

She needed to remember the basics of who Aston Bennett was, and how Aston Bennett was going to murder Quincy Jones and Tiffany Chanders.

First of all, she didn't trust the first people she came across unless she had a damn good reason to. No more business with Marty, it was straight up "can you benefit me?" or "Why should I trust you?". If you're not on Team Aston, or if Aston isn't on Team Aston, then she was out like that. No questions. No exceptions. No begging from a goth girl to change her mind. Yes, or no.

Next, this came from first. Let people know that she was in the mood for killing. Be honest. Tell them what you really mean by it, don't pointlessly scare them if they're already on edge. You're not going to kill them unless their names specifically spell out the one you're looking for.

And finally, don't make mistakes. It can be that one little action, or inaction, which will fuck you up big time. That's what happened to Michelle. To Ben. To Flare Girl. To...Josh...
Why do I still miss you...
The town centre approached rapidly, and before she knew it, there it was. People. A whole group of them, and not one of them resembling a boxer or a pretty peroxide princess.

This was interesting.

The strong back of a familiar figure was seen doubled over on the ground, sharing the company of two short haired girls and...the girl from the caves.

Aston stowed away her gun. It was time to find out who she could trust, and all the while remain an impartial observer as long as she didn't find out who the focus of attention was on.

If it was her, then bye-bye.
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