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As they ended, yet again, Maf felt a wave of relief wash over him. It was really bitterly mixed with a twinge of guilt, however. He shouldn't be happy that all these people who weren't his friends were dead. He knew most of these people. Kevin, they were teammates. That Maxwell Lombardi got him on his list again, kill number he didn't even know anymore. He was just going around killing, and...what's worse, Brook happened again. He killed some kid, some guy who played guitar at school, Colin.

Nathan didn't take it well. Half the group had just started to kill, and...he was just randomly guessing right the heck out of nowhere here, but Nathan must not have been taking this well at all. Maf turned the chair around just fast enough to see him send the bag flying across the floor, his own gun skidded and skipped lightly before stopping.

It was...Maf really didn't know what the right word for this whole situation was, but...it was like pure blind fate gave the four of them those guns, and now part of him really wished that Jason and Brook lacked such necessities. Brook getting a gun is what gave that...woman, Leila, the upper hand back in the caves. Jason getting a gun ruined any chances of a guilt and incident free meet up, and on the other hand, Nathan and Maf hadn't even thought of using them yet. The closest Maf had been to taking up arms was back when Nick killed the guy they'd only just met in the cave, and even then he was so conflicted about even thinking of killing him that he just chickened out.

As Nathan got his bearings, Maf glanced out the window, that tiny tiny window. The warehouse was almost bare. He could have sworn he saw a girl entering one of the offices on the other side of the building (and she looked like she wasn't afraid, too. She could have been very dangerous, good thing their door was barred), and there seemed to be noises echoing in from outside. Yelling, screaming, not feminine enough to be Brook or Jennifer. So there were other people around now, not much of a surprise.

"There's a lot of people waltzing around out there, Nathan. We'll stay put for now. There's no point in putting ourselves in danger unless it means something." Maf said, still looking at each end of his field of vision for someone he recognised. If Jason really was looking for them, then...chances are here is where he'd look, once he abandoned searching the lighthouse for all it was worth.

And they'd be ready for him. They'd get the whole story.
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