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it was a graveyard smash
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Celeste seemed very happy to be out in the sunlight, and, honestly, Meredith was happy too. Hades was so dark and dim, and as much as she enjoyed dark places, the tunnels were just a bit too dark for her. This beautiful island was such a raging battlefield of death and destruction, and it was baffling that she would rather idle her time out here than in the depths of Hades with its winding, twisting paths.

Aside from being happy that she was outside, Meredith was also very pleased with Celeste complying to call her Pandora. Almost no one had treated her with such a degree of kindness! Perhaps she should, well, ask if the other girl would accompany her? She seemed nice. Would they make a likely team? Could they protect each other and travel together, upping their chances of survival? Meredith was never one to hang around barely anyone, but maybe now was the chance?

She watched as Celeste smeared her name in the Book of Life. That wasn't exactly what Meredith had been expecting... She was expecting a whole letter to her loved ones! That was the point of the whole book, but Celeste hadn't even asked for ink. Meredith did possess a pen, after all. Before Meredith could whip out her pen, Celeste was onto the next subject and...

What was this weird feeling in her chest? The tightening of the heart, the slightly pained feeling that could only be described as "sinking"? Ah, yes. Disappointment. Celeste's words were obviously laced with finality. She wanted to be far away from the dear Pandora Black, off to be with her boyfriend.. At least she thanked Meredith, right? Right? She surprised herself by merely muttering an, "O-Oh... Oh. O-Okay... I hope you f-find him. Yes."

She watched as Celeste walked away, but before the other girl got too far, she turned around and tossed a water bottle at Meredith. Meredith hadn't been expecting the throw, so the bottle slapped her on the arm and fell to the ground. She didn't bother to pick it up, her face still holding this "deer-in-the-headlights" look.

And then she was gone. Gone. Far away from Pandora Black.

What the hell? If the tunnels become a danger zone, get out? Did Celeste really think Meredith would just stand around in front of the tunnels, idling her time?! She had important things to do too! She had places to go and people to see! Like... her friend Jessica! She'd really like to see her again before, well, they all died. Or was that girl even alive? Meredith tried to remember, but her mind failed her. Ah, well. That didn't change the facts that Meredith had things to do! A duty to upheld!

"You're kinda awesome."

Pft, yeah fucking right. Sure. She only said that because she didn't want Meredith to chase after her with her staff-thingy and beat her to death... Oh, whatever. Meredith didn't want to travel with Celeste anyway!

And, as it presently stood, Meredith was still very much alone. And probably always would be.

((Meredith Hemmings continued in Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))
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