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Dutchy could only nod weakly at Roland's answer. The sheer nature of his request seemed to have struck the bigger boy, and although he vowed he wouldn't let it come to that, Dutchy wasn't naive anymore. Death was inevitable. Maybe Roland would make it, but he didn't stand a chance.

He didn't want a chance.

I'm going to die. I'm already dead.

"Okay." He managed to whisper, so soft it was barely intelligible amidst the various other sounds of the forest. Dutchy stared down at his shoes thinking of home, thinking of his parents and his room and his comics and the chants of his favorite soccer team coming from the speakers, thinking about collage and trips to a far off island...

I don't want to wait until the end. I want it back now. It's not greedy. I'm not asking for much. I just want to... to... go... with that in my mind. While my mind is still clear, while I can still remember what I was like.I need to go now before something else happens. Before Roland does something, hurts himself for me. I couldn't- no, no, not that. He can't get hurt. He's been so kind. I've been so terrible, I've been a horrible person and he's been so nice, and it's already cost him so much...

Roland doesn't get it. I... I have to go now, want to, don't I? And I need him to help me...

"Roland I... I want it to be like th-"

And suddenly, Roland began to yell, dropping his harpoon to the ground. Dutchy nearly jumped out of his skin, before realizing he was shouting towards a girl, standing in the foliage nearby, two in actuality. Dutchy did a quick nervous shamble, his arms bunched up against his chest as if he were desperately holding his guts in. As pathetic as it was, he kept behind Roland, his heart pounding. He didn't know who they were all that well. Bounce, he'd heard of her, but hadn't had an opportunity to meet her. The girl she was with was a complete unknown.

Are they... Are they going to hurt us?

Dutchy hated the thought, but he knew it was a possibility. He'd met precious few students outside of his core group, some boys back at the house, although his memories of the encounter were foggy.

Stupid Dutchy. You're so stupid!

He had no idea who had been doing the killing for the most part, aside from a few of the major players. The dead had taken up much of his time. Now, the fear was building once again. Dutchy struggled to suppress shakes as the two girls took notice of them. It would be up to Roland to handle them, he was in no state to talk to anyone. More guilt leaked into his mind and Dutchy found himself unable to look at the girls, staring embarrassed towards the ground, face red, on the verge of tears.

Why am I still here...?
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