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((Neill Robertson continued from Don't Fear The Reaper))

After the Inland Woods were downgraded from Danger Zone to Normal Zone, they decided to head there. After all, it was unlikely that there would be too many other people there, and it was a large area so if there were any, hopefully, they wouldn't run into them. Thus it was perfect for their plan of staying out of everyone else's way and thus dying later rather than sooner. The downside was that they were even less likely to find Ray if they stayed away from people. Neill felt edgy as they paused by a stream to fill up their water bottles. This was less exposed than the cliff had been, but at the same time, people could still be hiding in the trees. He looked up, there weren't any as far as he could see.

Perhaps that was the way to do it? Build a treehouse and bomb people from above? They didn't have any bombs, but heavy things would work just the same without the risk of blowing up their treehouse too. Neill took a swig from his water bottle, using the moment to regard his friend and his potential friend with curiousity, wondering what life in a treehouse with them would be like. They would probably have to have Mass on a Sunday, which Neill wasn't sure he would be able to handle as a hard and fast agnostic with atheist tendencies. He was pretty sure that the only reason he was still alive was because religion hadn't come up as a topic of conversation yet. Rachel was the crazy ass Catholic, right?

The woods were suspiciously peaceful. He knew some shit must have gone down for it to be declared a danger zone two days in a row. Looking around, it looked pristine, they must have been in to clear it up, fix the cameras that that Liz kid had apparently been smashing. That was a strange thought. Somewhere on the island there was a helicopter. They had seen it fly overhead once, heading for the mountain, the roar had stilled them for a moment, in a few short days that mechanical sound had already become something alien and exciting. They could have followed it if it hadn't been so damn fast, and if any of them had even the faintest idea how to fly a helicopter and get in it, get it going, and get it out of range before their collars were all simultaneously exploded. Add to that a lack of knowledge of where they were, and unless either of the others had a better sense of direction, he suspected they would probably end up at the South Pole just as they ran out of fuel.

Stealing the helicopter wasn't an option.

Neill sighed and threw a pebble into the water. It skipped once, to his surprise, and he immediately tried to mimic the same action to no avail. He laughed once, taking another drink of water.

"So," he said, looking at their surroundings for what must have been the billionth time. He noticed a tin can on the ground just slightly covered by a rock, and stood up slightly to reach forward and grab it. It was slightly squashed and devoid of a label, lid or any contents, but otherwise healthy looking. That was the sort of thing that might come in useful... at some point... for something. "What do you think happened here?"
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