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Ray was halfway out of his jeans when Annaliese came running up to the door, and so he nearly tripped over himself pulling his pants back up as fast as he could. He was about to protest when Annaliese saw fit to compare him to Ving Rhames. He was happy that he had at least seen the movie she was referencing, and here were one of his few moments he could provide further input.

"Yeah, but I'd rather have his shotgun! And a friend with a sniper rifle on a rooftop, you know?" He said, almost grinning in spite of himself. "Alright, now get back out there and guard, dude."

Once he was sure Annaliese was standing watch again, he stripped off the rest of his clothes and set them on the sink. There was a washcloth left on the rack inside the tub, along with a dusty bar of soap. Again, the prior tenants probably didn't miss any of the stuff, so he helped himself. He knocked the dust off the soap and brandished the washcloth in his left hand.

Ray turned the dial in the tub (the hot one, out of habit), and soon tepid water was spilling out of the faucet. He hit the button for the shower, and the showerhead erupted. Ray nearly gasped as the water hit him and cascaded off of his naked body, as he hadn't completely prepared himself for taking a cold shower. It still felt good, being the first contact with bathing he'd had in a whole goddamn week.

Too late, he realized there might have been a camera or something in the bathroom, but he didn't quite care at this point. Let them watch. He probably wasn't going to be alive much longer anyway.

He lathered up the rag with the soap after standing there for a minute, content to sit in the water and let it roll off of his body and soak his hair. With the rag properly soaped up, he started wiping himself down with one hand, letting the water rinse off the lather whenever he finished an area. With his other hand he began tugging at his cornrows, freeing them up from the braids completely. He'd have to find a hair tie or a rubber band or after he was done; he'd be damned if he was going to run around the island with a nappy afro.

"Probably the last shower I'll ever take." He muttered as he bathed.
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