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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese giggled at the mental image of Ray bare assed. “Yeah sure, you betcha,” she confirmed as she spun in a lazy circle. The walk from the mountain to the residential area had been nice. No one had tried to threaten them or kill them. Sure, they could hear some kind of carnage off in the distance, but they had been able to travel unchallenged. This was less like a senior trip and more like surviving a zombie apocalypse.

“Where are Ving Rhames and Sarah Polley when you need them? They would totally help us.” Ceasing her twirling with a frown, she reflected on the nature of that thought. Ray was battle weary and seemingly skilled at fighting off the forces of evil. Plus, he was a protector, just like the cop Ving Rhames played in the movie. Sarah Polley had been all alone until she had run into Ving Rhames. That was when her true potential had been tapped. Was she…were they? Was it possible?

With a gleeful clap, Annaliese abandoned her look out position to bounce over to door Ray had left cracked open. “Ray! Ray! Guess what I just figured out,” she cheerfully announced. “I’ve given it serious thought, and you’re Ving Rhames and I’m Sarah Polley. This is epically awesome! Now all we need is for someone to get run over by a speeding ambulance and life will be perfect!”
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