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((Raymond Dawson and Annaliese Hansen continued from What Goes Up...))

Ray and Annaliese had a fairly uneventful time from when they left the mountain on the prior day. Every so often they'd hear a scream, maybe scattered gunfire here and there as they wandered. Business as usual.

Of course, there still wasn't hide nor tail of Robert or Neill. Annaliese managed to take his mind off Ray's growing worry as they travelled; once or twice he even managed to recognize one of the pop culture references she made. He was feeling like he should have gotten points on some cosmic scoreboard.

They had caught sight of the infirmary as the announcements for the morning had come on. Again, Danya read off a bunch of names of people he'd seen around the school, might've gotten to know under better circumstances. At least Robert and Neill weren't on them; business as usual.

Ray gently made Annaliese avoid the infirmary, though it might have been a good idea to see if maybe his erstwhile companions had met there in case he had come back. Too many memories to be dealt with now, memories of placing a sheet over two girls that had killed each other in fits of senseless rage.

So it was that the pair found their current location. There was a residential area marked off on the map, and they headed there in hopes of restocking. There was a grocery store, and maybe somebody's house had a pantry with some non-perishable eats. If they were lucky, maybe even a mechanical can opener.

Upon making it there, they decided to take a much-needed rest in one of the houses. And it was during this rest Annaliese reaffirmed something for Ray. He stank.

Maybe it was utterly stupid vanity that drove him to want to bathe, but once the idea was in his head, he couldn't get it out. It was as if bathing would cleanse him of some of what he'd seen and dealt with over the past seven days. He wanted to wash the island off of him, he wanted to fix his hair, he wanted to get back some of what he didn't have since getting dumped on the island.

The house had no electricity, of course, so that meant no hot water. But at this point Ray didn't give much of a shit. He just wanted to be clean. He'd taken showers in nasty water before, just had to keep his mouth closed.

He stood by the bathroom door now, barechested (he'd stripped his shirt off once the idea took him), and leaned on the frame, telling Annaliese just what he needed from her.

"Keep watch. Soon as you hear or see somebody, you get me. I don't care if I'm still bare-ass naked, you get me. I'm gonna keep the door a little open, and you just holler in. Cool?"
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