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Of course, the squad wanted to impact the game as little as they possibly could. Danya had made that objective very very clear to start with. But, well... Greynolds did so like to make an entrance. Besides, every one of the group they intimidated with that little display was one less they actually had to deal with. It would be such a shame if they decided to be principled about these things.

Or foolish. One or the other, really.

Greynolds gave Domino a nod and stepped forward, projecting his voice, calling out to the group that the GPS was saying was clustered around the tunnel entrance.

"Listen up people, and listen well, because this is NOT something that we're going to repeat! You folks have got exactly one chance to get the hell out of here before we start getting violent. That there was your one warning, and we will NOT hesitate to do it again! Your choice, boys and girls. Run or you are dead. This is non-negotiable."

Somebody almost immediately fired. Greynolds very nearly laughed at the sheer brass balls that it took to do that directly after the warning. Whatever, it had been a pisspoor shot anyway. Instead he looked over his shoulder, keyed his radio.

"Baines, Domino. There's another entrance close by. Flank them through there. Use torches, not night vision. Not ideal, but we run the risk of them blinding us if we use NVGs... the rest of us will just bulldoze straight through the front. They fuck around, we either blow their collars or blow a hole in them with a little rat-tat-tat. No exceptions, no compromises. Let's move."
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