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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((I'm not sure exactly how to do this without Sunny so I'll just do my best to get Josée out the thread.))

Josée was pretty satisfied with the way things were going, it was a great relief that she had finally found OC and the faster she got off the island the better. And find Remy too, that would probably be good too.

"Whoa boy, it ain't gonna be pretty. We have to go south-east, through the entire swamp, and then through the woods... Which are apparently a danger zone right now."

"So we've got a lot of ground to cover. I don't mind, perhaps I'll find my idiot brother on the way." Josée replied, ready to get moving. "We'll both need to keep a look out for him Cisco, so keep your eye's peeled. I want to find him before he gets himself hurt." Josée remembered the events that had occurred earlier and felt a very slight quiver of embarrassment. "But if he takes another shot at you, just scream for me, I'll take care of the twit."

"Well, I guess we better get going. It's getting late. Let's hope the woods will be safe, as we'll come across them. Otherwise, we'll have to make a detour, and lose even more time."

Josée began to follow the new leader. Not that she enjoyed being lead, but being a self-appointed second in command felt almost as good to Josée. She clutched her Blackjack to her side and kept a look out for Remy, or anyone else who might try to kill them.

"Try not to lose eye contact with each other, and if you do - scream. We don't want to get separated along the way..."

Josée didn't like the idea of screaming, but she knew that they wouldn't get lost, who would be stupid enough to run off on your own on an island where everyone's trying to kill you? Even so Josée hoped that she'd find Remy soon, Mum would never forgive her if she let her own brother die. If she got off the island... But of course she would, if she followed the plan, she and Remy and Cisco and every other survivor will be home in no time.

((Josée Trembley continued in Aching Chest and Blurry Sight.))
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