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They hadn't gotten very far in when she heard it.

There was yelling, first, words she could almost make out over the sound of her quick footsteps. She turned, confused, and her flashlight beam swept over Garrett and Jeremy, each turning themselves to look back the way they had where is Brendan?!

Next there was a muffled, strange-sounding sort of explosion, like what she imagined a firecracker would sound like if it had a blanket thrown over it. A short, sweet, dark silence, and then

A gunshot.


She didn't need Brendan's shout (though there was some part of her glad to hear that voice, to know that someone was alive, that they hadn't lost anyone besides Madeleine yet, and that none of their little band had die). That gunshot told her all she needed to know.

Her flashlight beam darted to the walls around her, to Garrett, to Jeremy, to the way they had come and the way they were going and shit what was she supposed to the terrorists would have guns or grenades or night vision or all amounts of shit how could they win and-


They couldn't win if they were in the open like this. They needed to get some place where they could...

"This way," she said, darting her head back.

And hope to God Brendan gets here soon.
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