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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese nodded, agreeing with Ray about being lucky. “You’re really good, you know? Have you ever thought about trying out for American Idol?” She leaned back and swung her feet experimentally a few times. Lifting her head, she closed her eyes and turned her face up towards the sun. The warmth was nice and comforting. As pleasant as sitting on the rock and basking had been, she was getting the nagging feeling that it was time for them to move on.

While they hadn’t, like, bared their souls to each other, they had shared family stuff and experiences. Whatever was supposed to happen, Ray had obviously begun the first stage of bonding with her. The connection had been established so now it was time to move on to the next phase.

Standing abruptly, Annaliese looked at Ray. “Dude, I just realized something. Crazy Kris is still up on the mountain. If we stay here, crazy Kris will come down, schlepping her not-quite-a-zombie boy toy. And judging from last time, she won’t be too happy to find us. We should beat feet and put even more distance between us and her particular brand of crazy. Plus, I’m kind of out of water. So if we could head to a place where I could score a refill, that would be most excellent.”

Zipping up the bag, she shouldered it in one smooth motion. “Yeah, we should totally get the hell outta here. Sooner rather than later, yeah?” With a bounce in her step, Annaliese started off. Completely without direction or destination in mind.

((Annaliese Hansen continued in The Man Your Man Could Smell Like))
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