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There are moments in time where you kinda need someone you really care about around. Someone important to you. Someone who understands you, someone who's been through some shit with you, someone who won't judge you and will hold you and let you cry and tell you everything will be okay and no, okay, that was kind of pathetic but still. Sometimes what you really needed, what would really solve your problems was your best friend, or at least someone close to that.

This was one of those moments and Alex Jackson was not his best friend.

They were friendly. Friends and friendly were very distinct things in the mind of Vivien Morin, ever the social butterfly. Friends were people he actually needed, trusted, liked being around and would actually trust fashion advice from (not that he ever needed it). People he was friendly with, he could be an absolute angel to, because he was quite good at being an absolute angel when the situation demanded it, but that meant very, very little. Vivien was friendly with pretty much anyone who didn't judge him, or wear socks with sandals, or orange, or jeans more than once a week, or shoes that don't match the rest of their outfit Anyway. There were probably a lot of people who would name themselves as Vivien's friends if asked, and in a life or death situation like Survival of the Fittest that suited him just fine. He did like Alex Jackson. She was quite sweet if a bit fashionably retarded, a common problem amongst the girls of Bayview. But...

But I don't want Alex. I want Aislyn. Or Sammy. Or...

His eyes touched the corpse again. He flinched.

"I'm...fine, Alex." Lying is a sin, dear. "I'm just...not in the mood for company."

A more functional Vivien would've weighed his options a bit more closely. He was in the market for a bodyguard, after all, and Alex was tough and apparently armed, and he'd realize not too much later that the smart thing to do would be to talk to her. Get her to stay. Take advantage of that like a good little manipulative reality-television vixen. Take full advantage of their good terms, of the friendship that Alex likely assumed was solid. Shoot her in the back or something later. All of that. That would be smart. That would be strategic. That would all be good but Alex Jackson could not bring Carol Burke back to life and Vivien's currently one-track mind failed to process the various logical reasons not to do what he was about to do.

"...Leave me alone."

His voice a bit harsher this time, mentally apologetic for his tone but unable to afford Alex's continued presence. If she kept talking he'd probably start crying again and that was ugly enough the first time.
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