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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Felicia Carmichael continued from In theory, this should be easy))

The ever-familiar announcements blared onward, though Felicia walked through the condescending words with her head tucked down. For the first time all week, easily the worst week of her life, she felt like she had a bit of strength. There were people on this island she had to find, and when she found each of them, she had vastly different things in store for them. She'd be in heaven if she ever managed to find Rosa. Of course... if she found Kimberly, then there would be hell to pay.

Unfortunately, she hadn't managed to find either of her goals on her way to nowhere in particular. At this rate, Kimberly could be anywhere at all, and Rosa had managed to stay pretty much invisible on this island. The more Felicia thought of Rosa, though, the more she began to think about the person that she was romantically involved with beforehand: Quincy Jones.

Before she began blocking out the announcements in their entirety, she would catch the occasional name that her ears intuitively picked up. Quincy Jones was on those announcements, but not as somebody who had died. This news was greeted by a calloused heart which had met with far too many tragedies, and thus its flesh was too scarred to truly be sensitive to what she heard. What was Quincy doing? She had always avoided him ever since prom, and that wasn't all that long ago... could he still be looking for her? She shuddered to think what might happen if she found Quincy before she found Rosa. If there was nothing to fear from him, there was always the stupid decisions she, herself, may make.

The direction she had picked from the docks to walk in had taken her to a large building that was rather bland in appearance, and probably in purpose. Far more interesting than such a boring example of architecture was the boy puking his guts out near a body. There was some distance between the boy and herself, and Felicia felt no particular need to close the distance. He wasn't a threat, but she didn't feel like finding out just what had made him puke. Anything of interest would likely be in the building itself, which she made a beeline for.

Standing just beside the door to the building with her gun safely tucked inside her sweater pocket and her trusty dufflebag hanging over her shoulder, Felicia gingerly eased the door open and stepped inside.

"H-Hello? Just Felicia Carmichael, present and totally trying to make sure I don't get shot in the face..."
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