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((Death Squad continued from Repairs))

Shamino nodded and lowered the radio as the group headed towards the entrance to the tunnels. They'd be in sight in about twenty seconds. The girl had run, but she'd taken a roundabout way, while the terrorists had taken a little shortcut.

"HQ says it's done."

"That should get their attention," Domino said.

They were done screwing around. It was time to stomp out this little rebellion.

Christina had first noticed the girl about two seconds after she stopped to stare at the terrorists. For most of the day, they'd been following the signals from the GPS, replacing key cameras on the way. As they'd gotten closer, though, repairs had taken a backseat to finishing off the troublemakers. The team had nothing but combat gear, now. They'd resupply later, spend a couple more days fixing things. Right now, though, Polanski had to die.

Before Christina could even shout a warning to the girl (Carla Conners, according to Shamino's conversation with HQ), the student had started running. That made things easier, albeit far less interesting. Still, they'd have plenty of action here soon. No need to worry about one girl getting a look at them.

Then Christina noticed where she was going. After a quick consultation, a rough plan was hatched. After all, they didn't want to kill the whole team protecting Liz unless they had to. Not that they would hesitate if they couldn't scare them off, but... some fairly interesting students were a part of it. It'd be best to let them get killed by the others on the island. Conners, by contrast, hadn't really done all that much lately. She'd make a pretty nice demonstration. Certainly, she'd lend the squad's entrance some drama.

So they let her get to the group, let her talk a little, and then they got HQ to blow her up.

Shamino reported their success, and Domino made her comment.

And then they were about to step into sight, and Domino turned to Greynolds and said, "All you, boss.You're the best with greetings and all those social niceties."
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