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((Saul Fetteralf continued from Birdland))

As the dawn sun rose above the horizon, Saul was really starting to wonder if splitting up with Brendan had been the greatest of ideas. After the three of them had left the greens, he and Jojo had waited for the Australian to turn his back to them. As soon as that happened, they were off on their own, leaving him behind. The pair of them had their reasons for leaving Brendan, but as Saul reflected on their action, the more it felt that they'd virtually abandoned Brendan for him to die by himself.

'No, he had a gun. He can look out for himself,' Saul thought, trying to justify his actions. 'That's why we left him in the first place, it would've only been a matter of time before he turned on us... right?'

There'd be no way of telling if that would've happened anymore. The decision had already been made, it was in the past, so now he and Jojo were just going to have to cope with things on their own. And as for Brendan... unless they somehow encountered him again, they'd have to rely on the announcements to see what became of him. 'Huh, speaking of...' Saul thought, looking up to the brightening morning sky. A large building loomed ahead of them.

"Announcements will be on soon," Saul spoke to his travelling companion. More death and destruction was on the way. And he desperately prayed that his best friend's name didn't come up, as either a victim or a murderer. 'Garry... where are you? Please still be alive.'


'Fuck... here we go.' Saul stopped and made hardly a sound as Danya's voice filled the air. Name followed name, thankfully no one Saul knew had bitten the dust. At least that was the case until the terrorist reached a certain point in the broadcast.

"Bill Davis showed Logan Reynolds how not to go about killing players, then gave Marion Summers a quick math lesson before Rhory Anne Broderick did for Davis as well."

'Bill... Logan... those names sound fami-oh... oh fuck me.' Bill Davis and Logan Reynolds. The two people who he'd met at the tower, the former of whom had even offered him a cigarette. And now both were gone. And to cap things off, the final fatality had been Jessie, captain of the girl's hockey team and someone Saul had known quite well. 'Good god...'

Saul sat on the ground, trembling slightly at hearing the news that three people he'd interacted with had all died, passed on, shuffled off this mortal coil. After taking a while for the shock to leave his system, Saul get back to his feet and pressed on with Jojo towards the building in the distance. There were some bushes in the way, so Saul passed through them. And lying on the other side...

"AHH! Oh my God!" Saul screamed and leaped back at the sight which greeted him.

It was Marco 'The Wall' Stonecastle, or what was left of him. The hockey player was lying stone dead on the floor with his lower body pockmarked by bullet holes, and his face had been kicked in. Blood stained face, his clothes and the ground where he lay. "F-fuc-" Saul couldn't finish his sentence, bending over and vomiting into the bush. It may not have been the first corpse he'd seen, but it was the first one of somebody he'd known.
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