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Tabi's eyes darted across the speckled black canvas. She wasn't very knowledgable when it came to constellations. She knew about The Big and Little Dipper and there was Orion's Belt, at least she thought that was what it was called. Now though, it would be imposible to gleam them from any of the other stars that were staring before her. They were so far away, and yet they seemed like they were just within her reach.

Tabi's breath was still, whisps of warm air floating into the night sky. Her left arm gently reached up to the stars, but she couldn't pull them closer. They were just so far away. Just like she was now. Home was miles away.


Her arm drooped back from it's lofty height down to her chest. She placed it right under her bussom and her index finger instantly dove for the hole in her blouse. She gasped as she it massaged the area. Her skin was smooth, free of the biting wound that had been expected. Her shoulders sunk deeper into the prickly bed beneath her.

As her finger continued to brush the area, her eyes began to sink down, obscuring the stars into a white haze.

"You know... sometimes my little brother and I would watch the stars.

She turned her head to the left and saw Ivan staring up at the same sky that she was looking at. She had forgotten that he was there, right beside her. So he had a brother, somehow, it made all the sense in the world to her. They just never talked about that before.

"You'd think there wouldn't be a lot to find up there... just a bunch of stars."

He laughed at his joke, something that had caught her by surprise. She couldn't recall a moment when he had even cracked a smile, but here he was gleefully looking at the stars. Tabi's gaze returned up to the blanket above them. She wondered what he was staring at right now. Was there something she just couldn't see out in that map of dots?

"Still, we spent hours and hours looking up there, finding all the constellations, all that fun stuff. It's... it's kind of funny. Way out here, the stars are much clearer than they ever were around Bayview. This sky's a little different, I can tell, and the positions are off, but... I think at the end of the day, it's all the same sky."

Tabi's face curled up into an artificial smile. She wanted to understand what he had said, but her mind was drawing a blank. Instead, her thoughts lingered somewhere else.

Ivan had his brother and who knew how many other family members. How had they felt? When Ivan...killed Keith? She knew the reasons why they had happened. It had been an accident. He didn't want to kill him. Tabi heard him cry, saw him crying in his sleep. Did they?

Her smile started to twist back down into a slight frown. Her lips had started to quiver again. To remedy this, she tried to cover it with the top oh her mouth.

Did her family see when Tabi's hands had slipped? Did they see what had happened afte?. Had they seen her crying? Did they see her kiss Ivan? The boy she had only really known for under a week?

D-did they?

"He-hey Ivan...d-do-do you k-kn-know...if...if...o-our p-parents are watching...If they are watching...ar-are they...Do they wan-want us to..."

Tabi closed her eyes, trying hard not to break down. She had to know...

"Do they want us back home or...or do they want us to...to..."

Tabi couldn't finish the sentance. If she said anymore, she knew that she wouldn't be able to stop herself...
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