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((Mary-Ann Warren continued from They're Made of Meat))

Mary-Ann's arms were sore from practicing all day, but it was a good kind of sore. She was proud of herself for the progress she'd made in such a short amount of time. However she and R.J. were both long overdue for some rest, R.J. especially. Mary-Ann was worried about him; she knew that even when she rested he didn't sleep much. It made her feel a little guilty that he was exerting himself while she had been snoring away.

At the moment the two were heading down to the little town area. R.J. reasoned it should be safe since it was just freeing up from being a danger zone.

There should be lots of places we could haul up, hide for just a little while and sleep together. Well, no! Not SLEEP TOGETHER, just.....sleep next to each other at the same time. We really need to get some recuperation time in. He really needs to.

Suddenly R.J. doubled over, using the sword for support. His face was twisted in pain. Mary-Ann zipped to his side and knelt down next to him.

"R.J. what's wrong? Let's sit down for a sec. You have to take it a little easier."

He looked up ahead and his expression changed from one of just pain to something like rage. She followed his gaze and saw Kris sprawled out on the ground, laughing to herself.

"Kris.....Come on, we can go around her or something. There's got to be another way to get to the houses," she whispered.
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