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((Nathan Choultard continued from Where Was My Brain?))

Nathan had waited with Maf at the town. He had waited for the moment for when Jason and Brook would show up and then they would be okay. Well, as okay as one could be. More importantly they would be back to lead the day. And that was when the fourth announcement came.

When he first heard the announcement. Nathan had been unsure as to how to react to this. At first, he thought it was some error, some typo or something that would suggest that it wasn't Jason. Jason a killer? That didn't make any sense. He was a harmless guy. A friend that you could rely on to help you out. There was no way that he could be some murderer. And it was Tiffany Baker too. She was Brook's girlfriend! She was as harmless as he was! Self defense didn't make any sense to him.

But he still waited for them.

As the day passed, Jason and Brook had still not shown up. What if it had been an accident? Like, he had accidentally pulled the trigger while waving his gun around. Or that he accidentally had the safety off or something? It was plausible at least...wasn't it?

Evening fell, and Maf and Nathan were still alone, shacked up in a nameless building. It was then that Nathan started to worry, he had faith in Jason for sure. But now anything could happen. They were supposed to meet here tonight. It was part of the game plan. But now, there was no telling what they were supposed to do.

The two of them had agreed that at nightfall, they would move for the lighthouse, like what was originally planned. There had to be an explanation for it all, and Nathan trusted Jason to make it over there, with Brook in tow.

Nathan's sleep was restless last night. His thoughts lingering on what he had heard. Hoping to god that it was either a lie or an accident. Let it not be in cold blood. He didn't want it to be true.

When he awoke the next day. He was greeted with another blow to his mind. Brook was being mentioned on the loudspeaker. He had killed people...two people to be exact...

He never got time to react to it: however, as his collar started to beep. Danya had called this place a danger zone. There was no time to comment about the death. They had to run away.

When they cleared the area, they moved due south. And that was when Nathan started to think about what had happened.

Thankfully, Jason was not dead, but now both of their missing cadre had killed people. Where was he supposed to go now? He wanted to justify two more murders, but now it was too hard to condone. They were not going to be safe if they went to the lighthouse. So it was decided that they would go to the warehouse. Bunker up, and hopefully find a solution. Find a plan. Hopefully a plan that Nathan didn't have to think up.

His success with plans had caused the break up of their group, and coincidently, lead to the deaths of three people...

It was nightfall when they did reach the warehouse, but this time, Nathan did not sleep. He paced back and forth. Trying to piece together something, anything to solve the reasoning as to why this had happened. All the answers though came back to him. He was the idiot that got this ball rolling. Now, it was unlikely to stop.

Maf was looking worse for where too. He had been shaken up badly by the events just as much as he had. Only he was waiting for something much worse. He nearly had a heart attack when he heard Jen's name, but the colour in his face returned when it was Romita who had died.

Nathan shook his head at the thought of cheering the fact that he was happy that someone with the same name was dead. It was a morbid line of thought...not that he wasn't doing it himself either...

The crackle of the speakers awoke him from his thoughts, turning his attention back to the sickening glee of Danya's voice.

Nathan's face curled downward and he ground his teeth when he heard it. Brook had done it again. He had killed yet another person.

And he was to blame.

Nathan kicked at the closest thing he had available and that was his open duffel bag.

"God fucking damn it!"

Trickling out of his bag and skidding across the floor was the pistol. The gun he had yet to touch. Nathan's feet shuffled towards it as if it was a relic in a museum that he shouldn't touch, but he moved closer to it reaching out to grab it. He gingerly looped his fingers around the grip and pulled it up to him.

The rubber grip felt firm in his hand, making it easier for him to cling onto it. He felt the naked metal bits chill his hands. It was so light, Nathan had never expected it to be so light.

Jason's name never appeared on the list. A small comfort to Nathan right now, but now fear was creeping into his bones. What were they supposed to do now?

What would Geoffrey do in this situation?
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