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Ray looked down at the ground, smiled and laughed, probably the only time he had done so on the island outside of that time camping with Robert and Neill.

"I don't know about all that. I guess you could say it's honest. Just something my sister always had me doing back home. Our dad used to listen to that kind of stuff, and it's about as close as she can get to knowing him."

He paused, uncomfortable. He had left something out. "Our dad died before she was born. I don't remember him so much, but I remember the music. He always had me and my brother listen to it. Guess I just picked it up."

Ray tried to paint a picture of his father in his mind as he talked, tried to see what he actually could remember. All he could get was a man's broad back in a leather chair in the den of their old house, a hand with skin as dark as his clasping the armrest as the 70's came alive through the music. It was pleasant to think about. Always was.

"Anyways, it's not really something I expected anyone but Alicia to hear. I figure you got lucky." He figured that Hartmann chick heard it too, but she didn't seem so appreciative.
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